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Home Insurance Broker

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Home Insurance Broker

Home Insurance Broker

It’s that time of year again and your home insurance renewal quote comes through the door. Many people take out their home insurance when they get their mortgage and then they stick with the same company for years without realising how much extra this may cost them. Some people think that they have to stay with their mortgage provider – but you can buy insurance from any provider so long as you have buildings insurance in place while you still have your mortgage.

Other people spend time every year searching online and phoning companies to see if they can save money – but often they don’t think about the cover they are getting and whether it is what they actually need.


Have you ever thought that using a home insurance broker could save you time and money?  Most importantly brokers are experts in making sure you get the right insurance for you and your home.

Insurance comparison websites take your details and check the companies they work with to see if they will insure you and at what rate.  Many people put their details in without much thought and don’t realise the importance of each question and how this could leave you without cover if you get it wrong.  Do you know what your walls are made of, how close you are to water or what your home security system is called?  If you don’t you could be giving the wrong answers and potentially you may not be covered when you need it.

If your home needs any type of special cover using a home insurance expert such as Property Insurance Centre is an essential.  If you live in a high-risk flood area, have issues with subsidence or have unique materials in your home, a broker will ensure that your special needs are covered by your policy at the best possible price.  Home insurance cover starts from around £120 and contents insurance can be purchased at the same time to cover the things within your home.

If you are renting you need to have contents insurance for your things – but the building should be insured by your landlord.  If you have a holiday home you will need both buildings and contents insurance, but often this can be more expensive than your normal home because holiday homes are more risky ae you aren’t there to watch them all the time.  This means any potential issue may be undetected for longer and therefore could cause more damage.

So when your next renewal comes through or you are getting on the property ladder for the first time, talk to us on 0208 651 3131 today.  As a home insurance broker find out more here .We can discuss all the options such as voluntary excesses, combining your buildings and contents insurance and other ways to ensure you get the right cover at the best price.