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Our Engineering Insurance Product is a combination of inspection services and a wide range of engineering insurance coverages under a single insurance policy. A schedule highlighting potential is also included in the Engineering Insurance Product.


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What does Engineering Insurance Cover?

Under Engineering Insurance product, we offer a variety of engineering insurance coverages to ensure the protection of machinery, plant, and equipment. Our Engineering insurance covers almost everything from hired machinery insurance to deterioration of stock cover.

Our Engineering Insurance Product includes the following major coverages:

  • Computer Insurance – provides protection to all kinds of computers and financial coverages to retrieve any lost records or data.
  • Contractors’ plant – financially protects the insured’s own plant and equipment and provides legal liability coverage regarding hiring agreement terms. This type of coverage provides financial help to compensate for loss or damage to the hired-in plant.
  • Machinery Movement – provides financial coverage to compensate for any sort of injury or damage caused to machinery during its movement from one place to another.
  • Stock Deterioration – financially compensate for any loss or damage that happens to refrigerated stock kept in a cold warehouse or storage.
  • Machinery Breakdown – Coverage for any unforeseen, sudden breakdown, or accidental damage to the machinery or plant.
  • Machinery Loss of Profits – Financial coverage to compensate for any loss in profits or rise in expenses resulting from a breakdown of machinery.
  • Contract Works – Protection coverage for any sorts of risks to “Contract Works” materials.

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Computer Insurance

Computer Insurance Policy provides financial coverage for any loss or damage to the computer equipment regardless of the computer type.

Computer Insurance Coverage Features

1. Coverage for all risks for all types of computers

2. Provides financial coverage to compensate for any additional cost resulting from the increased working cost and the cost of data restoration.

3. Financial protection to pay additional costs resulting from telecommunications and electricity failure to the computers.

4. Coverage of up to £5,000 in case of theft during worldwide transit of computer equipment and £25,000 for all other losses.

Limitation and Exclusions

1. Theft from premises where thieves can easily get entry without using violent means.

2. From premises are not protected by an alarm system.

3.  Normal and routine wear & tears in the computer equipment.

4. Any sort of damage or loss to computer equipment during transit in a less protected vehicle.

Construction Contract Works

This engineering insurance policy provides financial coverage to ensure the protection of “Contract Works” materials. Contractors’ plant that is hired and owned, and employees’ personal tools come under this coverage.

Construction Contract Works Insurance Features

This coverage will be applied to contract works that are transit to or from the contract site (via air and sea). It is also applicable to contract works stored at a certain distance from the contract site.

1. Provides financial coverage to contract works up to 14 days of their handover to the contract site.

2. The transition from one place to another.

3. Coverage of up to 12 months after handover during the maintenance or defects liability period where required by contract.

4. Free Issue Materials

5. Contracts works stored at a facility away from the contract site.

6. Expediting expenses.

7. Removal of debris

8. Any kinds of professional fees

Contractors Plant Insurance

This cover provides financial protection to the insured’s own plant and equipment. It also includes the legal liability coverage according to the terms mentioned in the agreement, which pays for damage or loss to the hired-in plant.

Contractors Plant Insurance Features and Benefits

1. Coverage for the owned plant including transit (via air or water)

2. Legal liability coverage for the Hired-in plant.

3. The calculation of premium is carried out on the basis of the total market value of the owned plant.

4. Continuations of hire charges subsequent to any damage or loss.

Machinery Contract Works Insurance

Machinery Contract Works Insurance provides “all risks” coverage for the installation of machinery and plant.

Machinery Contract Works Insurance features and benefits

1. “All Risks” protection coverage for contract works present on the site after handover.

2. Coverage during transit.

3. Free Issue materials

4. Expediting expenses

5. Removal of Debris

6. Professional fees

7. No need to complete a proposal form.

Deterioration of Stock Insurance

It provides coverage to pay the damage to or loss of cargo/goods resulting from deterioration of goods/cargo stored at any certain cold storage facility. This loss or damage might be due to the breakdown of the refrigeration system or fault in cold storage equipment.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Electronic Equipment Insurance provides coverage for the loss or damage to any type of low or medium electronic equipment.

Electronic Equipment Insurance Features

1. Television Equipment

2. Broadcasting Equipment

3. Measurement Process Equipment

4. Medical Equipment

5. Office Equipment

6. Any sort of Telecommunication equipment apart from computers.

Hired Machinery Insurance

Hired Machinery Insurance provides coverage for the insured’s legal liability according to the terms mentioned in the agreement to pay for damage or loss that happens to the hired machinery. It also covers the expenses of continuing hire charges.

Hired Machinery Insurance Features

1. Legal liability-based coverage

2. Coverage for continuing hire charges

3. Financial coverage to pay the expenses of repairing or replacing the machinery in case it gets damaged.

Machinery Movement Insurance

Machinery Movement Insurance is a type of engineering insurance that provides financial coverage to pay for any damage or loss that happened to machinery during specified transit.

Machinery Movement Insurance Features

1. Transit Coverage

2. Transit of machinery from unloading point to working position.

3. Coverage for lowering, lifting, and sling removal.

4. Re-sitting coverage.

5. The calculation of premium is carried out by analyzing the new replacement value of the machinery in the market.

6. The adjustment of premiums can be made at the end of each insurance term.

7. No need to complete a proposal form.


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