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If you require Home Insurance, then the team at Property Insurance Centre are here to help. All homeowners should ideally seek the best cover to ensure that their prized asset, their property, is covered for all eventualities. We are Property Specialists who have been trading since 1976 – for forty-four years.

We have a highly experienced team that will work hard to find you the best deal and cover for your home insurance policy.



Home Insurance Cover Includes:

Home Insurance with Property Insurance Centre can insure against a wider range of risks to your home, bringing you the ultimate peace of mind. You can rest easy with the vast policy cover we can provide. With access to a large panel of insurers, we can provide the cover that you require at an affordable price. Our standard buildings and contents insurance covers loss or damage to your home as a result of fire, storm or theft, amongst other perils.

We have been insuring Homes since 1976 & use only the Best Insurance Companies. We have a team of our own appointed Loss Assessors to help YOU in the event of a Claim.

Home Insurance Comparison:

We are not on insurance comparison websites, so we get the best level of cover and rates directly for our customers. 

With over 44 years of brokering we have access to the major UK underwriters and with our excellent working relationship we have access to the best rates.

Our dedicated new business team will take your details and then do all of the searching for you. You can be sure of getting the best rates around.  By speaking to us directly we will get a fuller picture of what exactly you need.

Is home insurance a legal requirement in the UK and Northern Ireland?2020-05-10T15:35:13+00:00

No, it is not a legal requirement to have home insurance in Northern Ireland or the UK. However, most homeowners need to borrow anywhere from 75% to 95% of the value of their property to be able to buy it. The mortgage lenders do require that the borrowers have house insurance in place for the duration of the loan.

In reality, even if you do own your home outright, it makes common sense to protect your biggest asset. In 2019, the House Price Index in Northern Ireland revealed that the standard property price was £136,767. In 2020, this figure had increased by 3.4% to £144,053.


What type of cover should I insist on for my home insurance in Northern Ireland and the UK?2020-05-10T15:38:58+00:00

The most important aspect of understanding what type of cover you need for your home is that it must include the potential cost of replacing everything. The property itself, all fixtures and fittings and its contents.

Be sure not to skimp on doing this 100% correctly. Also, don’t forget that high-value items (often classified as high value when over £1,000 – but do always check this out) need to be specifically listed. Keep the receipts also.

What type of standard home insurance cover can I expect from Property Insurance Centre?2020-05-10T15:43:08+00:00

Too many people ask what they are covered for when they need to make a claim. We work with you to ensure that you understand what cover you have at the outset. This way not only do you understand but we can advise you on aspects of cover specific to your circumstances.

As you can imagine, there are various levels of home insurance cover on the market. We like to say to customers – start off by thinking perils! Perils are events such as a fire, flood or fire. On most policies, these can be viewed in Section A.

When you read this wording it may become clear to you that the policy doesn’t cover maintenance issues, including dry rot, wear and tear, and damp. Some people assume that their home insurance policy will cover these types of issues. However, this is not the case and it is up to you to maintain your home to avoid these unfortunate situations.

Top tip: It is a good idea to find a local handyman that you can trust. He will be able to keep on top of maintenance issues such as clearing gutters, unblocking drains and lots more odd jobs.

During winter is when the majority of damage occurs. The weather here in the UK and Northern Ireland can be tough on properties – wind, rain and snow – can lead to various issues. A reliable handyman will be able to keep on top of things that you don’t have time to do. The money spent on him is a good investment.

What does fire insurance cover?2020-05-10T15:46:41+00:00

Fire insurance covers damage to your home caused by smoke, fire, lightning or explosions.

What is earthquake insurance?2020-05-10T16:09:11+00:00

Earthquake insurance is not commonly thought about here in the UK, so it might be easy to disregard it. However, Co. Durham had an earthquake on 23rd January 2020 of a magnitude of 3.0. Residents described buildings shaking and hearing the rumbling.

As the climate continues to change earthquake insurance could become far more important here in the UK and Northern Ireland.

What does riot insurance cover?2020-05-10T16:18:50+00:00

If damage is caused to your home due to rioting or civil commotion then you can claim on your riot insurance cover. You should do so quickly – the wording on most policies gives you a maximum of 7 days.

How does vandalism insurance work?2020-05-10T16:27:46+00:00

Vandalism insurance is frequently claimed in the UK when vandals damaged properties. However, if the vandalism has been carried out by someone in the family or a person you allowed in your home, then the insurance company will not pay out.

This includes tradesmen, cleaners, tenants etc. Also if the property is not occupied then this type of insurance is excluded.

What is covered in storm insurance?2020-05-21T13:31:56+00:00

Storm insurance is not widely used in the UK but in certain areas where storms are more prevalent, damage to property can be severe.

Storms here in the UK are defined by the below so this is when your storm insurance would come into play:

  • Strong winds of over 55mph
  • Damage by extreme rain or snow. If more than an inch falls within a single hour rainfall is normally considered to be extreme.
  • With regard to snow – it is considered to be extreme if 12 inches or more fall with a 24 hour period.
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs, gates and fences are normally excluded in your storm insurance coverage.
  • If there is evidence of poor maintenance and signs of wear & tear internally, damage may not be covered.
What does my flood insurance cover?2020-05-21T13:35:12+00:00

If water enters your building from the ground floor or basement levels, flood insurance is applicable. Always check the wording in your policy as often water entering at a higher level does not constitute a flood.

Gates and fences, swimming pools and hot tubs are all standard exclusions under this peril on an insurance policy, so you should make sure they are covered separately.

What is subsidence insurance and what is included?2020-05-21T13:47:12+00:00

So what is included in Subsidence Insurance and do you need it? This type of insurance commonly encompasses subsidence, ground heave and landslip. How do you differentiate between these?

  • Simply when land/ground moves under a building this constitutes subsidence.
  • When land moves sideways or upwards then this is a case of ground heave.
  • If a property is located on top of a hill and the ground below it moves, then this is considered to be landslip.
  • Be careful to check with your provider as there are a number of exclusions to this type of insurance, including if a building has been constructed by materials that have the potential to either expand or shrink.
  • The settlement will also not be a standard inclusion. Another important fact to consider under this type of insurance is that it does not cover erosion caused by a river or the sea.
  • Check your policy wording closely to ensure your individual circumstances are covered.
What is escape of water insurance?2020-05-28T10:53:13+00:00

Escape of water insurance usually includes damage caused by water leaking from a tank, pipe or boiler. During the winter months, common occurrences include freezing pipes resulting in leaks which will be covered under this type of insurance. It also includes water leaking from home appliances or even fish tanks for example.

There are some standard exclusions, however, so look at your policy wording. These include the likes of the escape of water whilst the property is empty, or perhaps the failure of sealants or lack of grouting due to wear & tear. Two great reasons to keep your property well-maintained.

Why do I need escape of oil insurance?2020-05-28T11:02:49+00:00

If you have an oil-fired heating system this type of cover is perfect as it includes leaks from pipework.

If you have an oil tank on site, it is prudent to check this regularly for any cracks or wear and tear to prevent any oil leaks directly from the tank itself. Oil can have an environmental impact if your property is located in a protected area, so it might be wise to look at Environmental Liability Policies too.

What does Theft Insurance cover?2020-05-28T11:08:39+00:00

This type of insurance normally covers policyholders for any damages to their property resulting from theft or attempted theft. Consider fixtures and fittings, copper pipes and lead flashing, for example, that in the UK fetch high prices so can be stolen frequently.

There are some notable exclusions to theft insurance including theft or attempted theft by anyone legally on your premises, such as a gardener, nanny or cleaner. Theft whilst the property is unoccupied is a strict exclusion on a standard policy. Check your policy documents carefully.

What is included in professional fees & costs cover?2020-05-28T11:14:06+00:00

Legal fees, surveyor fees and architect fees are included in this type of insurance. In the event, your property is damaged and as long as the damage is covered elsewhere in the policy, this type of insurance is ideal should you need major correctional works. This could be a sizeable amount if your building requires substantial work to correct.

Why would I need cover for underground pipes and drains?2020-05-28T11:48:38+00:00

You may need this cover in the event of finding issues with the underground pipes, drains and tanks of your property. Your standard policy should include cover for issues relating to your drains, tanks and underground pipes. Please be aware that this does not include when you have blocked drains. There is an exception to this which is when the blockage is the result of some structural damage.

What you can expect is that costs to repair the tanks, pipes and drains of your home should be covered. As always, it is best to double-check the wording on the policy.

How can I protect glass, sanitary and other fittings?2020-05-28T12:00:41+00:00

Glass and sanitary items that are considered to be permanent fixtures are mostly protected under a standard policy. Some examples include the glass of a ceramic hob, oven doors, fixed glass of doors and windows. Please note that the concept that they are permanent fixtures is central.

Also, if a window is damaged the cost of repairing the frame is not included under this part of the coverage. You should read the wording and ask your insurance provider about this, especially as broken windows are not uncommon.

If a property is not occupied then this type of damage is normally excluded from a standard policy.


Why choose us?

Since 1976 we strive to give our clients the best service with:

  • Independent broker with approachable staff online or by phone

  • Access to a wide range of insurers to source suitable insurance cover for your needs

  • Bespoke Insurance Schemes & Portfolio Policies available

  • We can tailor your policy to suit your exact needs to give you complete peace of mind

  • Competitive Premiums

  • Cover available for the buildings while the property is being converted, renovated or extended

  • Over 40 years experience working with the best insurers in the UK

  • Excellent communication so that you understand what risks you are insured against

  • Standard & Non Standard Home Insurance Policies available

  • Unoccupied Homes & Homes under renovation

  • If you work from Home we can find the right policy to protect you

What does Home Insurance Cover in UK Provide?

Home Insurance with Property Insurance Centre can insure against a wider range of risks to your home, bringing you the ultimate peace of mind. You can rest easy with the vast policy cover we can provide. With access to a large panel of insurers, we can provide the cover that you require at an affordable price. Our standard buildings and contents insurance covers loss or damage to your home as a result of fire, storm or theft, amongst other perils.

We have been insuring Homes since 1976 & use only the Best Insurance Companies. We have a team of our own appointed Loss Assessors to help YOU in the event of a Claim.

You can also add extras such as:

Legal Expenses Up to £100,000 to help with legal disputes as listed in each policy

Extended Accidental Damage Cover To protect you against an unexpected event which accidentally occurs in your home

Personal Possessions Cover To protect your valuables away from the home

We also cover many non-standard and hard to place risks that others can’t, so give us a call and we will look at all risks individually.

House Insurance can be taken out as buildings or contents cover on its own or a combined policy which incorporates both buildings and contents whilst also having the option to cover personal possessions cover as an extra.

What can you expect if you use Property Insurance Centre for you Home Insurance?

  • Local & Qualified Staff
  • Dedicated point of contact if preferred – meaning you speak to the same person every time you call
  • Approachable Staff – we are NOT a Call Centre
  • No long queues on the Phone – you normally speak to a staff member in under 10 seconds from when you dial our number
  • Competitive Rates – we will search a large number of insurers for you

What can we insure you for?

We insure standard & non-standard homes & including:

  • Working from Home
  • Non-Standard Risks
  • Houses Under Construction
  • Houses being extended
  • Unoccupied Homes & house with periods of Unoccupancy
  • House with lodgers
  • House being used for Air B&B

What can you expect from the standard Property Insurance Centre Home Insurance Policy?

Buildings – Fire, Lightning, earthquake, aircraft, impact, Malicious Damage, Accidental Damage to fixed Glass, escape of water, burst pipes, Flood & more

Contents – Standard perils cover will apply to your contents also and include cover for valuables, frozen foods, contents temporarily removed from you home, stolen credit cards, money, Occupiers Liability & more.

Speak to one of our Advisers today & call Free 0800 085 3761 and we will find the right policy to suit your needs. You can also fill in an online form if phoning us is not convenient and we will get back you.


We have over 44 years experience working with:

Who Needs Home Insurance?

Unlike car insurance home insurance isn’t a legal requirement but if you have a mortgage or finance on your property the lender may require you have insurance in place and their interest noted on it. For most people their house is their most valuable asset in life as so much of their money is tied up with it. Bearing this in mind it would be reassuring to have the appropriate cover in place to protect your buildings and contents of your house against insured perils. A lot of people take the risk and don’t insure the property, take a minute and think if your property went on fire and was burnt to the ground where would you live? Do you have the funds to rebuild your house again and replace the contents in it? For a premium starting at £150 per year you could insure your buildings and contents and have peace of mind. (Please note this is based on standard risk and is dependable on your postcode and sums insured as well as other factors).

It’s also important to consider the amounts you are insuring your buildings, contents and personal possessions for as you don’t want to be underinsured. Always get a professional to check your values.

Why not give us a call on 0800 085 3761 and we can tailor a home insurance quote to suit your personal needs and circumstances.

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