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Unoccupied Residential Property Insurance


If you require competitive Unoccupied Residential Property Insurance, then the team at Property Insurance Centre are here to help. All homeowners and property ownsers need to make sure that they have the correct cover at the right level in case something happens to their vacant property. Insurers consider your unoccupied residential property to be at higher risk.

We are Property Specialists who have been trading since 1976.  We have a highly experienced team that will work hard to find you the best deal and cover for your commercial property insurance policy.



Unoccupied residential property insurance common pitfalls

Common pitfalls with unoccupied residential property insurance would be normally around a customer not fulfilling the stated conditions. Learn more.

Why choose us?

When taking out Unoccupied Residential Buildings Insurance it is important to work with a Broker that understands the perils that an empty house can face. As a Property Insurance specialist, Property Insurance Centre will work closely with our insurers to get the best cover for you. With unoccupied residential insurance you can take out a 3 month, 6 month or 9 month insurance policy which are known as short term insurance policies. Although it may be more beneficial to take out a 12 month insurance policy. Why not choose Property Insurance Centre:

  • Independent broker with approachable staff online or by phone

  • Access to a wide range of insurers to source suitable insurance cover for your needs

  • Bespoke Insurance Schemes & Portfolio Policies available

  • We can tailor your policy to suit your exact needs to give you complete peace of mind

  • Competitive Premiums

  • Cover available for the buildings while the property is being converted, renovated or extended

  • Over 40 years experience working with the best insurers in the UK

  • Excellent communication so that you understand what risks you are insured against

What does Unoccupied Residential Insurance Cover Provide?

Vacant House Insurance covers a wide range of risks that unattended homes are open to. Cover normally is for Standard Unoccupied Perils but can also be arranged to include some extras:

  • Protection against vandalism including graffiti
  • Cover for damage caused by fire, lightning, earthquake, explosion, aircraft, & property owner’s liability (Standard Perils)
  • Flood, Subsidence or Storm.

We know that people leave their homes for various reasons in varying states of repair and understand therefore that every insurance policy should be different.

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At any one time, there are an average of 700,000 homes left unoccupied in the UK. They may be empty for a variety of reasons including awaiting sale, undergoing refurbishment or their owners are under medical care for example. No matter what reason your home may be unattended, if it is left empty for more than 30 days at a time, your standard home insurance may not be adequate. If any damage occurs at your property, you may encounter issues under a standard home insurance policy.

By their nature, unoccupied properties are more likely to be at risk of damage. Empty properties can attract thieves, vandals and even squatters. Small amounts of damage may go unnoticed and become a much larger issue over a period of time. An unoccupied policy will impose certain conditions, such as turning off the electricity or even draining down the water tank – these are all practical measures which will ensure the risk is reduced and limit any possibility of you incurring a loss.

Securing your Property

Securing your property is one of these most important factors in obtaining unoccupied residential property insurance. It shows the insurance company that you are taking the issue seriously and it will also get you discounted premiums with Property Insurance Centre. An empty house can fall into disrepair quickly and that is why most insurers will insist that you check the property regularly an put right any defects that you find that are down to maintenance. Remember, an insurance company may decline cover if the property is in a bad state of repair. Checking you property regularly will show that you are taking security seriously and also let would be thieves know that you are never too far away! This all help in reducing your premium by reducing the risk

You may be asked to:

  • Seal the letterbox
  • Remove all contents from the building
  • Install an alarm
  • Check the property every 7 days

Every policy is different & every house is different also. The conditions and perils insured will vary from one policy to the next. To talk you through it speak with one of our Cert CII Qualified staff members. We have been insuring unoccupied residential properties for many years & can get the best cover at the right price.

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We have over 40 years experience working with:

Who Needs Unoccupied Residential Property Insurance?

With around 700,000 homes left unoccupied in the UK at any one time it is a type of insurance which is in demand! Residential Properties may be empty whilst awaiting sale, undergoing refurbishment, extensions or their owners are under medical care. A common purchaser of these types of policies are Residential Landlords and investors who have bnought a property and need time to market & find a Tenant. No matter the reason, you need the correct policy in place.

We have a large panel of insurers to choose from with A+ Rated Insurers and 5 Star Defacto Rated Insurance Companies. Some of our policies will give up to 90 Days Wider Perils Cover before standard Unoccupancy Perils are applied.

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Check your Property is Secured!

Securing your property is at the utmost importance when leaving your property. An empty home should be in a good state of repair and you could be declined cover if it is boarded up or dilapidated. When taking out Insurance for an Unoccupied Residential Property, Insurers may require you to secure your property over and above what you would regularly do. This can include locking all windows and doors with approved locks and having a burglar alarm fitted. Removing all valuables and tools from the building and turning off the mains and utilities and draining the water systems. In the winter months the underwriters may require the heating to be set at the frost setting to avoid burst pipes. Regular inspections of the building should also take place every 7 or 14 days. It is also important to not advertise that your home is empty. This can be done by installing timer switches for the lights and asking a neighbour to park their car in the drive.

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