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Unoccupied Residential Property Insurance

Unoccupied Residential Property Insurance from The Property Insurance Centre

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Who Needs Insurance for Unoccupied Property?

At anyone time, there is an average of 700 000 homes left unoccupied in the UK. They may be empty whilst awaiting sale, under refurbishment or if they owners are under medical care. No matter what reason your home may be unattended, if it is left empty for more than 30 days at a time, your standard home insurance will not cover be adequate so if any damage were to happen to your property like flood damage during this time, your insurer may not pay out.

By their nature, unattended properties are more likely to be at risk of damage. Empty properties can attract thieves, vandals and even squatters. Small damages may go unnoticed and become a much larger issue. A pipe for example has a slow leak that gets missed when checking on your house until the ceiling collapses. Insurance against these perils is therefore necessary to anyone who has an unoccupied home.

What Cover does Vacant Property Insurance Include?

Vacant House Insurance covers a wide range of risks that unattended homes are open to. Cover can be arranged to include:

  • Protection against vandalism including graffiti
  • Cover for damage caused by flooding, fire or subsidence
  • Contents cover up to £20,000
  • Theft from secured garages and outbuildings up to £500
  • Property owners liability, if your conservatory roof blows off and damages your neighbours property for example

However, at PIC we know that people leave their homes for various reasons in varying states of repair and understand therefore that every insurance policy should be different.

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What Else Should I Consider When Leaving my Property Unattended?

Securing your property is at the utmost importance when leaving your property. An empty home should be in a good state of repair and you could be declined cover if it is boarded up or dilapidated. It must also be fully secured, with approved locks on the doors and windows with a burglar alarm. No valuables should be left in the property and you should ensure that you drain the water system, set the heating to the frost setting during the winter months to avoid burst pipes, switch off the utilities. Regular inspections of the property should also be conducted.

It is also important to not advertise that your home is empty. This can be done by installing timer switches for the lights and asking a neighbour to park their car in the drive.

Why Choose Property Insurance Centre for your Unoccupied Property?

When taking out Unoccupied Buildings Insurance it is important to work with a Broker that understands the perils that an empty house can face. As a Property Insurance specialist, PIC will work closely with our insurers to get the best cover for you. You also don’t need to take out a 12 month policy like is standard with most Home Insurance Policies and if your home becomes lived in again, you can alter your insurance to reflect this easily.

As a specialist insurance broker, we strive to give our clients the best service with:

  • Access to a wide panel of insurers to source the right insurance cover for your business.
  • Nearly 40 years experience working with the best insurers in the UK.
  • A wide choice of policies and levels of cover – so that you are never over or under insured, neither are you spending money on covers you don’t need.
  • The ability, as professional insurance brokers, to get this type of ‘hard to place risks’ on cover with reputable insurers.
  • Excellent communication so that you understand what risks you are insured against.

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