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Can you insure a garage?

Can you insure a Garage? Believe it or not, this is an extremely common question! Mostly, garages that are within the boundaries of the main property residence are insured automatically and included within the buildings sums insured specified. However there is an ever growing need for standalone garage insurance – what we [...]

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Is it more expensive to insure a listed building?

Is it more expensive to insure a Listed Building? The two most common questions we are asked at Property Insurance Centre (PIC) in relation to Listed Building Insurance are: Is it more expensive to insure a listed building? What does insurance cost on a grade 2 listed building? To answer these questions, [...]

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How much is the average house insurance?

How much is the average house insurance? This is a fairly subjective questions and there are many factors to consider when looking at premiums for all homes, including older properties & for new build insurance policies. These factors, will or course be considered by the insurance company or insurance broker. The insurer, [...]

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Get your Property Winter Ready

Get your property Winter Ready Now is the time to take the appropriate measures before the worst of the weather arrives. Especially if you are a Commercial Property Owner, business owner or the person responsible for the maintenance & upkeep of a Commercial Building, if it’s a full repairing and insuring lease [...]

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Wear and Tear on Landlords Insurance

What is the definition of Wear & Tear in a Landlord Policy? Wear & Tear is often claimed for and always turned down by insurers. That’s because Wear & Tear is a maintenance issue. Maintenance is the responsibility of the Landlord and a Landlord’s Policy is not a maintenance contract. However, wear [...]

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Escape of Water Insurance

Escape of Water Insurance Escape of water is one of the most common types of claim there is on a buildings insurance policy, including Home Insurance, Block of flats Insurance and Landlords Insurance. It is therefore important that you have this cover under your current buildings policy. It can be a horrible [...]

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The Importance of Tradesman Insurance

The importance of Tradesman Insurance? Firstly it does not matter how experienced or good a tradesman you are, accidents happen and that is the very reason we have Public Liability Insurance as part of a Tradesman Insurance Policy.  A tradesman insurance policy will protect: You Your Livelihood Your Income Without a proper [...]

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What is underinsurance?

What is Underinsurance? Here are some important Statistics on underinsurance of commercial buildings before we explain - this is not just limited to commercial property it should be noted. Underinsurance affects all property owners, either COMMERCIAL or RESIDENTIAL! Around 90% of buildings are insured for the wrong amount 8 out of 10 [...]

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Business Insurance in Northern Ireland

Why Business Insurance in Northern Ireland is important Every business in Northern Ireland should have the correct Business Insurance in place. There are various factors highlighting why this is so important, notwithstanding the fact that Employers Liability Insurance is a legal requirement – and this is why Business Insurance in NI [...]

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