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29 06, 2019

Business buildings insurance


Business buildings insurance So it’s that time of year again – the annual insurance renewal premium comes in. As businesses, we always want to make sure we have the right insurance to cover us if something happens – but we also want to make sure our premium represents value for money – so how do we know we are getting the right insurance for our needs? What is business building insurance? Business buildings are critical to the survival of most businesses – so if you own your building it’s essential that you insure it for all potential risks and that the level of cover is right. If you or your businesses is renting out premises to other people, insuring your buildings is even more important to the protection of your investment. As a basic, you must insure the actual building – whether that’s a factory, a retail premise or [...]

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25 06, 2019

Insurance Brokers Newtownards


Insurance Brokers Newtownards with access to Loss Assessors Mr Martin had internal water damage & damp in his office and reported the damage directly to his insurer. Mr Martin assumed the water damage was the result of a storm that occurred the previous evening, and that the storm has damaged his roof, and the water had penetrated the inside of his building directly from this. The insurer appointed a Loss Adjuster to the claim, and as the claim estimate was under a certain value, the adjuster refused to visit the property & insisted that the damage was not caused by the storm as the wind speed was not high enough to cause that level of damage to the roof. The customer contacted Property Insurance Centre for help, and as his broker, we asked a team of loss assessors, which are claim handlers who work for the customer (not the [...]

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25 06, 2019

Make Sure You Are Not Under Insured


Make Sure You Are Not Under Insured Property Insurance Centre aims to ensure its customers are properly insured in the event of a claim – and perhaps most importantly this means insuring any property you own for its current value. Over time, property can increase in value significantly & is therefore essential to insure for the correct amount to avoid under-insurance. It is estimated under-insurance affects a significant amount of all current live policies and that many customers are currently under-insured without knowing - this why you need to make sure you are not under insured. The consequence of under-insurance is the ‘average’ condition which affects any claim amount paid to the customer in the event of a claim. For example, if a customer is under-insured by 50%, the average condition will be applied, and any claim the customer may have, will have their claim payment in turn reduced [...]

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