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16 06, 2020

Second Home Insurance


Second Home Insurance Having a second home can be a fantastic place to spend your weekends or summer holidays. A second home is obviously different than a first home or main residence, and that is why you will require the correct Second Home Insurance policy to make sure you are covered against various risks. Property owners who have second homes can do a number of things: Rent out on a 6 month AST – Landlord Insurance Rent out for short terms period – also known as holiday letting Use it themselves as a weekend or holiday retreat – no letting If the second home is being used precisely as that – quite literally your own second home that only you will use (also known as a holiday home), there are some important things to consider. So, what are they? Well, if you are fortunate enough to own a second [...]

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1 06, 2020

Back to work? Check your Retail Insurance


Back to work? Check your Retail Insurance! As the days and weeks go by, those of us who have been working remotely might be starting to hear some extra noise when the windows are open, due the current sunshine & heat. From March 23rd things got very quiet in most parts of the UK. There was no more morning rush, buses and cars had come to a halt not even venturing outside their driveways or curb side. There is now a different feel…quite literally there is more noise. Construction workers can now be heard with clanging throughout the day on metal or concrete. That noise before was often drowned out by the ‘other’ noise that will surely & inevitably return. However, slowly at this stage, one feels there are steps being taken (slow steps) to get everyone back to normality. There is an air of positive that has been [...]

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16 05, 2020

Insurance for Flats


Insurance for Flats During these unprecedented times, money is tight! Probably more so than ever for many of us but that doesn't mean you should take lesser insurance for flats if you live in a block or are responsible for its management. With the prospect of redundancies on the horizon due to business cashflow problems, furloughed employees getting 80% of their usual wage, businesses being forced to shut up for good in many cases and the recent announcement of Chancellor Rishi Sunak that we may be entering a deep recession, many of us will be tempted to skimp on luxury items we once took for granted. Although ‘tightening your belt’ is no bad thing, there are things you should not skimp on. Just remember when things get bad, there is the potential for them to get a heck of a lot worse when the next storm or flood arrives [...]

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5 11, 2019

Block Insurance


Block Insurance Our Block Policies will cover you for Property Owners Liability Alternative Accommodation Loss of Rental Income Legal Cover is optional Communal Contents Our Block Policies are Flexible You can add or remove certain covers as required Lift inspection policies can be bolted on If you have claim we can provide a claims handler who works FOR YOU not the insurance company! We will Insure any type of block Converted Block of Flats Purpose Built Block of Flats Blocks with Commercial Unit below Block with mixed Tenant type Owner Occupied Blocks of Flats Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance What is block insurance? Block Insurance is for property owners or management companies with multiple connected properties.  The [...]

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17 04, 2020

Government Support for Self-Employed


Coronavirus self-employed help is a very hot topic right now. As there is such a large volume of information to digest in terms of support for businesses from the Government, as your broker we wanted to bring the below to your attention as we feel it is particularly pertinent. This scheme for self-employed will allow you to claim a taxable grant worth 80% of your trading profits up to a maximum of £2,500 per month for the next 3 months. This may be extended if needed. Who can apply for Government Support for Self-Employed You can apply if you’re a self-employed individual or a member of a partnership and you: • have submitted your Income Tax Self Assessment tax return for the tax year 2018-19 • traded in the tax year 2019-20 • are trading when you apply, or would be except for COVID-19 • intend to continue to [...]

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9 04, 2020

What should my Business Insurance Cost?


Business Insurance Cost When choosing insurance for your business, there will be two main questions that you may be asking: How much does Business Insurance Cost? What does Business Insurance Cover me for? To answer these questions, it is important to understand that every business has its very own particular risks that may not be similar to another. Therefore, the premium may differ as it' s not a once size fits all approach! How much will my Business Insurance Cost? In order to get the best premium for your Business Insurance, it is important to show your insurer (or potential insurer) that you have been trading with little to no hick-ups along the way - and by that, we mean you have a clean record with little in the way of claims. This will demonstrate to your insurer that you know what you are doing and that you know [...]

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24 06, 2020

Covid updates


COVID Updates Clients experiencing financial difficulties On the 18th May 2020, the Financial Conduct Authority introduced new measures for insurance and premium finance firms to help clients in financial difficulty.  Should you be experiencing financial hardship, or if things change at work or home, we may be able to help by: Re-assessing your demands & needs Reviewing levels of cover Adding or removing optional covers such as legal expenses Adding or removing people on your policy Where amendments to your insurance cover does not alleviate your payment difficulties, you should contact your finance provider directly as further support may be available, which could potentially include: The possibility of deferring payments (refer to FAQ’s) Reduced repayments, or rescheduled term Waiving missed or late payment fees Amending your repayment date without any cost Reducing interest payments It is important that customers do not leave themselves uninsured, so we encourage you to [...]

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24 03, 2020

Government Support for Coronavirus


Government support for Business Interruption As there is such a large volume of information to digest in terms of support for businesses from the Government, as your broker we wanted to bring the below to your attention as we feel it is particularly pertinent. CORONAVIRUS BUSINESS INTERRUPTION LOAN SCHEME The new Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme supports SMEs with access to working capital (including loans, overdrafts, invoice finance and asset finance) of up to £5 million in value and for up to 6 years. The government will pay to cover the first 12 months of interest payments and any lender-levied fees, so smaller businesses will not face any upfront costs and will benefit from lower initial repayments. The government will provide lenders with a guarantee of 80% on each loan (subject to a per-lender cap on claims) to give lenders further confidence in continuing to provide finance to SMEs. This [...]

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26 02, 2020

Better Landlords Insurance Prices


How to get better Landlords Insurance prices! If you are looking for a Landlords Insurance NI Policy you might ask, "What insurance do I need & how can I save money?" Always remember in addition to getting the right policy, you should take note of some of the important legal aspects, relevant laws and Fire Safety Practices that are expected not only by your tenants but by your insurer also. Apply good practice to your Landlord Property and it will even save you some money along the way! If you have a few flats in the same block - a block can be a converted house also, be sure to check out the information on our block of flats insurance page.It is common knowledge that landlords have a level of responsibility for tenants in a typical rental property. However, landlords should also know that safety and more specifically Fire [...]

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13 01, 2020

Can you insure a garage?


Can you insure a Garage? Believe it or not, this is an extremely common question! Mostly, garages that are within the boundaries of the main property residence are insured automatically and included within the buildings sums insured specified. However there is an ever growing need for standalone garage insurance – what we mean here is, insurance for garages that are outside the boundaries of a home. This is mainly due to: Garages that are rented out to tenants Garages that are not listed on the same property deeds as the main residence Garages that are rented out to tenants Garages can be a superb investment opportunity. Once frowned upon as an investment, they are now extremely popular with a steady rental yield which will appeal to investors. The market value has also increased substantially in recent years, primarily due to a surge in their demand, driven by an increase [...]

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8 01, 2020

Is it more expensive to insure a listed building?


Is it more expensive to insure a Listed Building? The two most common questions we are asked at Property Insurance Centre (PIC) in relation to Listed Building Insurance are: Is it more expensive to insure a listed building? What does insurance cost on a grade 2 listed building? To answer these questions, it is important to understand what listed buildings are & the various categories of listed buildings there are: Listed Building Categories Grade 1 – These are buildings of exceptional special interest Grade 2* - These are particularly important buildings of more than special interest Grade 2 – These are buildings of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them Straight away you will see which one will carry to most risk for insurers & therefore might cost more if it require reinstatement! Get a Quote Insurance under one roof [...]

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3 01, 2020

How much is the average house insurance?


How much is the average house insurance? This is a fairly subjective questions and there are many factors to consider when looking at premiums for all homes, including older properties & for new build insurance policies. These factors, will or course be considered by the insurance company or insurance broker. The insurer, however which avenue you pursue, will take into consideration some of the following factors: Please note the list is not exhaustive, but it will generally give you a basic idea as to why your premium is lower of higher than that of your workmate! Age of the building How many years you have owned the building Claims experience Postcode (some areas carry a higher risk that others) Rebuilding costs Amount of contents insured Amount of personal possessions insured away from the home We get told over and over, that their friend is paying cheaper insurance – but [...]

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23 12, 2019

Wear and Tear on Landlords Insurance


What is the definition of Wear & Tear in a Landlord Policy? Wear & Tear is often claimed for and always turned down by insurers. That’s because Wear & Tear is a maintenance issue. Maintenance is the responsibility of the Landlord and a Landlord’s Policy is not a maintenance contract. However, wear & tear is open to interpretation and we aim to shed some light on what it actually is & what influences it! If not Wear & Tear, what am I actually insured for? Well, every policy wording will have a list of ‘insured perils’. These are what you as a Landlord are insured for. Example may be Fire, Malicious Damage or Theft. Your policy wording will expressly state that wear & tear is not covered. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of [...]

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18 12, 2019

Christmas Opening Times


Property Insurance Centre Christmas Opening Hours 2020 24th December - 9am- 1.30pm Christmas Day - Closed Boxing Day - Closed 27th December - Closed 28th December - Closed 29th December - 9am - 1.30pm 30th December - 9am - 1.30pm 31st December - 9am - 1.30pm New Years Day - Closed 1st January - Closed 4th January - 9am - 5pm PLEASE REMEMBER IF YOU INTEND TO RENEW ONLINE TO RENEW YOUR POLICIES EARLY - WE CAN ONLY PROCESS THE RENEWALS AND CONFIRM COVER WHEN WE RETURN ON THE NEXT WORKING DAY. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance Block of Flats [...]

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17 12, 2019

Escape of Water Insurance


Escape of Water Insurance Escape of water is one of the most common types of claim there is on a buildings insurance policy, including Home Insurance, Block of flats Insurance and Landlords Insurance. It is therefore important that you have this cover under your current buildings policy. It can be a horrible experience & all of your floors, walls & ceilings take the brunt of it! The most common cause is burst pipes from cold weather & of course leaks from the bath or bathroom causing damage to the room below. Do not Panic! If you are reading this, hopefully you will have taken the most important step – turn the water off! If you are reading this and have no need to make a claim, why not act before disaster strikes with escape of water: CHECK where your Stopcock is CHECK the insulation of the pipes and tank [...]

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9 12, 2019

The Importance of Tradesman Insurance


The importance of Tradesman Insurance? Firstly it does not matter how experienced or good a tradesman you are, accidents happen and that is the very reason we have Public Liability Insurance as part of a Tradesman Insurance Policy.  A tradesman insurance policy will protect: You Your Livelihood Your Income Without a proper policy in place you will lose potential contracts as many clients will require you to have PL Insurance in place before they let you carry out any work. It also lets people know you are legitimate and mean Business.  Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance Why do you need Public Liability Insurance? PL as it is known is a necessity amongst tradesmen. If your business has [...]

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4 12, 2019

What is underinsurance?


What is Underinsurance? Here are some important Statistics on underinsurance of commercial buildings before we explain - this is not just limited to commercial property it should be noted. Underinsurance affects all property owners, either COMMERCIAL or RESIDENTIAL! Around 90% of buildings are insured for the wrong amount 8 out of 10 buildings are insured for 60% of what they should be Underinsurance can mean you will not be paid for the full value of your claim if you are ever in the unfortunate position of having to make one! It can be costly to you & even catastrophic. The next time you review your insurance policy for your Commercial Building, please ensure you are not underinsuring. Below are some important points as well as a short video to help explain. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists [...]

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26 11, 2019

Business Insurance in Northern Ireland


Why Business Insurance in Northern Ireland is important Every business in Northern Ireland should have the correct Business Insurance in place. There are various factors highlighting why this is so important, notwithstanding the fact that Employers Liability Insurance is a legal requirement – and this is why Business Insurance in NI is important! For the purposes of this article; let’s refer to Business Insurance in Northern Ireland as ‘Business Insurance NI’. Business Insurance NI provides a business with insurance cover for 3 important aspects – this list is nowhere near exhaustive, but are areas we have highlighted which are a major concern to business owners throughout Northern Ireland and beyond: Material Damage Business Interruption Liability Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance [...]

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12 11, 2019

Landlord insurance brokers NI


Landlord Insurance Brokers Northern Ireland Landlords that we have helped in Northern Ireland: As one of the leading specialist landlord insurance brokers in Northern Ireland we have access to the best rates and exclusive cover with the major insurance underwriters.  While other insurance brokers concentrate on cars and home insurance for over 40 years we have stuck with our specialism in landlord and commercial property owners insurance with clients all over NI as well as mainland UK. Landlords Cover Includes Cover whilst empty Public Liability Escape of Water Storm, Flood, Fire Malicious Damage Optional Legal Expenses Contents Cover Full Accidental Damage Cover With our headquarters based in Newtownards and an office in London we have helped thousands of landlords all over the UK get the best rates and cover and there is no situation that we have not seen before and it is this expertise that means that we [...]

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12 11, 2019

Land Insurance


Land Insurance Land insurance If you own land or have the responsibility for maintaining a piece of land, you may think that insurance is not important, but you would be wrong.  No matter whether your land is in regular use or not, you should consider taking out land insurance.  Why? What could possibly happen? You may be the most responsible Land or Property Owner in the world, but that does not mean you won't be on the wrong end of a Solicitor's letter after a member of the Public trips, falls & injures themselves on your land! What happens if a tree branch falls from your land and damages a car passing by, or worse still, injures someone. These are all scenarios that Solicitors will take on - were you negligent by not filling in potholes or not cutting back that tree?  Limits of Cover - £1 million, £2 [...]

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28 06, 2019

Property Insurance


Property Insurance With lots of the companies offering Property Insurance we wanted to let you know about why you should choose Property Insurance Centre for your buildings insurance needs: Independent broker with friendly, knowledgeable staff available online or by phone. Access to a wide range of insurers in the UK with the best cover and rates available. Bespoke insurance schemes & portfolio policies are available. Complete peace of mind through our tailored policies. Experts in Occupied & Unoccupied Commercial & Residential Insurance policies. Over 40 years of experience working with the best insurance underwriters in the UK. Excellent communication so that you understand what risks you are insured against. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance Everyone who owns [...]

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5 11, 2019

House Insurance Northern Ireland


Home Insurance NI A recent House Price Index showed the standard price of a property in Northern Ireland is £136,767 and this ranges from terrace properties at £95,202 to detached properties at £204,060.  Many buyers borrow a mortgage of between 75 and 95% of the value of the home and providers normally require the property to be insured while the mortgage remains in place.  Even if you do not have a mortgage, most people’s homes are their biggest asset so there’s a clear need to make sure all home owners make sure they get best Home Insurance NI policy with multiple layers of protection. Failing to adequately insure your home can have massive repercussions if the worst happens and you home is damaged.  But what do you actually need to insure? Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists [...]

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31 10, 2019

Black Friday Insurance


Black Friday Insurance Black Friday Insurance Deals are coming to Property Insurance Centre in 2019! We will also stretch it out for the whole week! We can cover and DISCOUNT the following classes of Business during Black Friday Week! CALL US OR FILL IN AN ONLINE FORM DURING BLACK FRIDAY WEEK FOR YOUR CLASS OF BUSINESS - AS LONG AS YOU CALL OR FORM FILL THE BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT WILL APPLY! The Discount is UK Wide! Our Black Friday deals will apply to your renewal next year also. We will continue to apply our discounts when the policy is due to renew, if you have taken out the policy and paid during Black Friday Week. This means your policy will not spike in price next year, due to not getting the Black Friday Insurance Discount. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof [...]

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31 10, 2019

Block of Flats Fire Safety Guide


Block of Flats Fire Safety Guide The Property Insurance Centre Block of Flats Fire Safety Guide aims to offer you some general guidance about fire safety in blocks of flats. Of course, specific advice for each block of flats will also differ for each particular building. No building is the same. Be sure to read this guide in conjunction with the guidance in place for your own building. This is often in the form of a fire safety notice posted in the communal areas of your building. Please note: you can also download this introductory guide as a PDF or read it as a flip magazine further down on this page. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance 1. [...]

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