Directors and Officers Insurance

25 03, 2021

Why directors and officers liability insurance for blocks of flats is essential?


Why Directors And Officers Liability Insurance For Blocks of Flats Is Essential?  Mistakes made by officers and directors can be held against them, and they should understand and be aware that the law applies to everyone even if you are the director or officer of an RMC, an association of residents or of an RTM company and that of a large company. Despite this, there are still those who do not consider protecting their personal wealth with directors and officers’ policy. The directors and officers of an RMC, a residents' association or an RTM company are those who are covered by directors' and officers' liability insurance also known as management liability insurance, which protects them from errors or mistakes allegedly made in the management of the building for which they are responsible. This also includes legal defense and costs and awards made against them. Get a Quote [...]

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31 10, 2019

Black Friday Insurance


Black Friday Insurance Black Friday Insurance Deals are coming to Property Insurance Centre in 2019! We will also stretch it out for the whole week! We can cover and DISCOUNT the following classes of Business during Black Friday Week! CALL US OR FILL IN AN ONLINE FORM DURING BLACK FRIDAY WEEK FOR YOUR CLASS OF BUSINESS - AS LONG AS YOU CALL OR FORM FILL THE BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT WILL APPLY! The Discount is UK Wide! Our Black Friday deals will apply to your renewal next year also. We will continue to apply our discounts when the policy is due to renew, if you have taken out the policy and paid during Black Friday Week. This means your policy will not spike in price next year, due to not getting the Black Friday Insurance Discount. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof [...]

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25 06, 2019

Questions about Directors Insurance


Questions about Directors Insurance So, you have Questions about Directors Insurance? Directors Insurance or Directors and Officers Insurance is one of the most misunderstood policies within the industry and beyond. Property Insurance Centre have been selling these policies for years, and below are some of the most frequently asked questions, we have had from our customers. We hope this helps you too! Q: What does a Directors Insurance Policy Cover? ANS Directors and Officers Liability Insurance protects company directors and officers against claims arising from their wrongful acts whilst managing their business. Q: What is an officer of a company? ANS An officer can be any individual within a company who makes decisions which affect the company. The title “officer” depends on what an individual does rather than what he is called. Q: What D&O limit of indemnity should my client buy ANS The limit of indemnity chosen by your [...]

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31 01, 2018

Directors & Officers Insurance


Why Directors & Officers (Directors Insurance) from Property Insurance Centre is Important According to the survey, D&Os are exposed to a higher amount of personal liability than ever before. Since the survey began in 2011, D&Os have become personally liable for a variety of new offences, including bribery, corruption and fraud, environmental infractions, and lax health and safety. As the scope of liability widens for D&Os, the frequency of claims and investigations against them rises as well. In 2017, 36 per cent of UK respondents experienced a claim or investigation that involved D&Os at their company, up from 21 per cent in 2016. For D&Os in financial services, investigations against them jumped from 62 in 2015 to 152 in 2016. This follows a general UK trend, which saw a fourfold increase in D&O claims from 2005 to 2015, according to industry research. As tougher regulations, such as the GDPR, [...]

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