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Directors & Officers Insurance

Why Directors & Officers (Directors Insurance) from Property Insurance Centre is Important

According to the survey, D&Os are exposed to a higher amount of personal liability than ever before.
Since the survey began in 2011, D&Os have become personally liable for a variety of new offences,
including bribery, corruption and fraud, environmental infractions, and lax health and safety.

As the scope of liability widens for D&Os, the frequency of claims and investigations against them
rises as well. In 2017, 36 per cent of UK respondents experienced a claim or investigation that
involved D&Os at their company, up from 21 per cent in 2016. For D&Os in financial services,
investigations against them jumped from 62 in 2015 to 152 in 2016. This follows a general UK trend,
which saw a fourfold increase in D&O claims from 2005 to 2015, according to industry research.

As tougher regulations, such as the GDPR, place more responsibility on businesses, D&Os could be
held personally liable for failing to prioritise compliance at their organisations. These fears are
reflected in the survey’s top five risks facing directors, which include the following:

1. Regulatory and other investigations and inquiries
2. Cyber-attacks
3. Risk of data loss
4. Criminal and regulatory fines and penalties
5. Concerns in a post-Brexit landscape

In order to safeguard your business along with your directors and officers, it is essential that you
purchase a comprehensive D&O insurance policy. For more information about D&O insurance,
contact the professionals at the Property Insurance Centre, we have over 40 years experience in the
Insurance market.

**Cited from international law firm Allen & Overy