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Can you insure a garage?

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Can you insure a garage?

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Can you insure a Garage?

Believe it or not, this is an extremely common question! Mostly, garages that are within the boundaries of the main property residence are insured automatically and included within the buildings sums insured specified. However there is an ever growing need for standalone garage insurance – what we mean here is, insurance for garages that are outside the boundaries of a home. This is mainly due to:

  1. Garages that are rented out to tenants
  2. Garages that are not listed on the same property deeds as the main residence

Garages that are rented out to tenants

Garages can be a superb investment opportunity. Once frowned upon as an investment, they are now extremely popular with a steady rental yield which will appeal to investors. The market value has also increased substantially in recent years, primarily due to a surge in their demand, driven by an increase in commuters requiring parking space at their place of work or the nearest train station. Many investors have cashed in on this supply gap, and have purchased garages and rented them out. So much so, that most garages in the London area can be up to 5 times more to buy than it would to build them.

Insurance for such garages includes property owner’s liability up to £5,000,000 and Loss of Rent insurance.

Garages that are not listed on the same property deeds as the main residence

This is a common issue for many home owners and requires that they take out insurance separately from their home insurance. This usually is a result of owning a flat or house on a terrace, and the garage may be some distance from the house itself. Cover again includes Public Liability up to £5,000,000 if required and cover for Fire, Lightning, Earthquake & Aircraft.

Need help getting lock up garage insurance, then get in touch with us by calling 0800 085 3761 or fill in an online form.

Garages we can insure

We can insure most garages. Garages come with many different construction types and roofs. As a specialist lock up garage insurer we can insure the vast majority with the exception of non-wooden garages.

Garages with Flat Felt on timber roof Covered

Garages with metal flat roof – Covered

Garages with concrete flat roof – Covered

Garages with Cement Fibre roof – Covered

Garages with Tiled RoofCovered

Garages with Slate RoofCovered

Portfolios of Garages

We can insure numerous lock up garages under 1 single policy. The garages themselves can be anywhere in the country and are given special rates. We can include include Wider Perils Cover for Portfolios.