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Unoccupied Commercial Property Insurance

Unoccupied Commercial Property Insurance

Unoccupied insurance for Commercial Properties can be difficult to obtain. Furthermore finding an Insurance Broker that understands your requirements in respect of these properties can in itself be an insurmountable task.

At Property Insurance Centre we have been insuring Unoccupied Commercial Properties for clients for over 30 years. We have a wide panel of insurers to choose from who have experience in underwriting in this area, from the major composites such as Aviva to the specialist Lloyds syndicates such as DTW 1991.

We can accommodate unoccupied properties undergoing extensive works prior to letting, long term unoccupied properties and unoccupied properties awaiting sale.

We can also insure former public houses which are often difficult to place due to the nature of the former business.

We can arrange for different levels of cover depending on your requirements from the very basic Fire Cover to the more comprehensive wider perils policy which includes perils such as malicious damage, storm & flood. We can also arrange liability only policy with rubble clearance cover if the property is going to be demolished.

The requirements of an unoccupied commercial property are vastly different from an occupied property. You need a broker who understands the risks associated with these and who can place your insurance with a reputable insurer at a competitive premium. Talk to the specialists at the Property Insurance Centre.  With premiums starting from £250 plus IPT call us now to discuss your requirements or email your details for a call back or quotation.

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