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Sole Trader Insurance

//Sole Trader Insurance

Sole Trader Insurance

Sole trader insurance

Sole traders have a lot to think about – and insurance shouldn’t be one of them.  You need to protect yourself and your business by ensuring you have suitable insurance to protect you.  This means you need the right type of sole trader insurance at the best price and with the right level of cover – but not extras that you don’t need.

Depending on the type of business you run, a small mistake can have a significant impact on your business and your reputation.  If someone is injured or their property is damaged you could be facing a significant claim on your business and personal possessions – so why leave yourself open to the stress and financial damage a claim could cause you – just take out suitable professional indemnity insurance.  This type of insurance covers your legal fees so that you can defend yourself and if you are found liability for compensation or damages if cover that as well – so you can sleep easy knowing that if the worst happens you are covered.  Remember that even if you weren’t at fault, a claim can take a lot of time and money to fight – so it’s always helpful to have the worry handed over so that you can continue to focus on your business.

The other types of cover that you might need depend on your business and how it is set up.  To ensure you get the right cover just give our team at Property Insurance Centre a call on 02891 800561 and they will talk you through the various options such as:

  • Office, property and contents insurance if you run your business from a building and have a range of work-related kit in it
  • Public and employer liability cover in case a member of the public or your staff make a claim against you such as a personal injury claim or damage to their property
  • Business interruption insurance in case you can’t continue your work as usual for some reason e.g. the building is not accessible or you aren’t well.

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