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31 10, 2019

Black Friday Insurance


Black Friday Insurance Black Friday Insurance Deals are coming to Property Insurance Centre in 2019! We will also stretch it out for the whole week! We can cover and DISCOUNT the following classes of Business during Black Friday Week! CALL US OR FILL IN AN ONLINE FORM DURING BLACK FRIDAY WEEK FOR YOUR CLASS OF BUSINESS - AS LONG AS YOU CALL OR FORM FILL THE BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT WILL APPLY! The Discount is UK Wide! Our Black Friday deals will apply to your renewal next year also. We will continue to apply our discounts when the policy is due to renew, if you have taken out the policy and paid during Black Friday Week. This means your policy will not spike in price next year, due to not getting the Black Friday Insurance Discount. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof [...]

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29 06, 2019

Insurance for Gardeners


Insurance for Gardeners You spend your day making everyone’s garden look beautiful but do ever take the time out to check your insurance policy and make sure you have covered everything you need?  Why buy Gardeners Insurance? Without the correct cover in place for a gardener, it will be difficult to even get contracts. One of the first things a prospective employer will ask for is proof of your insurance. If you have a team, they will also want to see some proof that you Employers Liability insurance in place.  Carrying Public Liability under a gardeners insurance policy is a must. You can have varying level of cover, and normally you can increase the limit up to £5,000,000 for an additional premium. You will be covered for possible injury to a member of the public from your work and third party property damage - a must if you or [...]

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29 06, 2019

Insurance for tradesmen


Insurance for tradesmen Whether you are an independent construction contractor or a self-employed gardener, Property Insurance Centre’s range of insurance for tradesmen is designed to suit your needs. Our specialist team will take your details and find you the best policy using our network with the top insurance providers from across the UK. If you are new to this type of insurance, here is a quick guide to insurance for tradesmen and what it is designed to cover. What is insurance for tradesmen? It is insurance which is designed for skilled people who provide a service to others (often at their client’s premises) such as electricians, IT technicians, accountants, solicitors, surveyors, cleaners, carpenters, landscape gardeners, plumbers, kitchen and bathroom fitters, carpet/flooring fitters and painters/decorators.  If you do more than one type of work, most policies can be tailored to suit this as well. Get a Quote [...]

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29 06, 2019

Contractors All Risk Insurance from Property Insurance


Contractors All Risk Insurance from Property Insurance Since 1976 Property Insurance Centre have specialised in Commercial and non standard types of insurance for a wide range of customers all over the UK & NI.  With access to the major insurance underwriters such as AXA, Ageas, Allianz, RSA, Aviva and Lloyd’s we can offer higher risk bespoke policies such as Contractors All Risk Insurance. What is Contractors All Risk Insurance? It is a non-standard policy that covers contractors for compensation claims if surrounding properties are damaged as a result of the construction project you are working on as well as injury to a third party (liability).  This type of insurance can offer protection against liability claims from subcontractors. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance [...]

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27 06, 2019

Landscape Gardeners Insurance


Landscape Gardeners Insurance Property Insurance Centre are specialists in commercial insurance for gardeners and landscape architects around the UK. We typically offer public liability and employers liability insurance up to £5 million if required. Professional indemnity insurance is also a popular choice with landscape gardeners who require protection against giving the wrong advice to their clients which might result in being sued. Another popular cover with our landscape gardeners is machinery and equipment insurance which can cover everything from lawnmowers to hedge cutters and more. If you are looking for the best cover and rates around for your landscaper insurance give us a call today on 0800 085 3761. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance Block of [...]

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27 06, 2019

Sole Trader Insurance


Sole Trader Insurance What is Sole Trader Insurance? Sole trader Insurance is a fairly broad term & can be further defined in many ways. It will mean various different things to different types of trader. It will place more importance on certain key areas of risk depending on the industry/trade you are in - whether it be retail or the trades for example, the risks can be prioritised depending on what it is you actually do for a living. Considering this is what you do 'for a living', you should have some serious thought as to what you think are your biggest risks & threats to your livelihood. We will discuss some of the most important covers that every sole trader should consider, regardless of what industry they trade within these are the ones you should definitely pay attention to! Public Liability Public Liability is a very important & [...]

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27 06, 2019

Online Store Insurance


Online Store Insurance Online Retailers (E-Commerce) Insurance With the growing number of online retailers we would like to tell you that we have specific insurance cover for your e-commerce store. Not only does our E-Commerce Insurance cover you for your own independent store but also if you have your own Ebay or Amazon seller accounts. With this being a bespoke insurance package it is better that you give the details directly to our new business team. After giving details once to them they will then do the searching and negotiate with the insurance underwriters to make sure that you get the right cover for your online business as well as the best rates available. Common types of cover offered to online retailers are public and employee liability insurance as well as stock insurance. If you are running an online business or thinking of getting started get the right cover [...]

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27 06, 2019

Insurance for Property Managers


Insurance for Property ManagersProperty Insurance Centre provide specialist insurance cover for block of flats as well as Property Managers.This insurance cover can protect property managers against compensation claims if they miss something important in background checks or when you are inspecting the property.  We can also provide public liability cover for your premises as well as legal expenses cover if required.If you are a property manager looking for an insurance quote give us a call for FREE on 0800 085 3761. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance Block of Flats Unoccupied Home Insurance Residential Landlord Land Liability [...]

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27 06, 2019

Software Developer Insurance


Software Developer Insurance Property Insurance Centre are pleased to offer insurance specially designed for software developers and IT consultants. Our public liability insurance will cover everything from someone tripping over a laptop bag to specialised cover for a laptop full of newly created code being lost or damaged. The following types of insurance cover for software developers are available: Professional indemnity Risk management Employer’s liability Tools & equipment cover Public liability Cover for Buildings & Contents Directors and Officers cover If you are a Software Developer or IT Consultant looking for insurance give Claire or Robert a call on 0800 085 3761 today and let them find you the best cover and rates available. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance [...]

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27 06, 2019

Plasterers Insurance


Plasterers Insurance As well as other trades plasterers are normally busy people so why not let Property Insurance Centre carry out an independent search for the best cover and price for the types of insurance cover you may need. As a specialist Commercial Insurance broker since 1976 we have a dedicated new business team to assist Plasterer’s and other business owners to find the best cover and price for your insurance. The most common type of insurance cover required by plasterer’s is public liability but we can also provide employee liability and legal expenses. If you are looking for Plasterer insurance call us today on 0800 085 3761. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance Block of Flats [...]

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26 06, 2019

Air BnB Insurance


Air BnB Insurance Being a residential property owner, you will have no doubt heard of the huge potential and interest of landlords, in renting their property out as an Air B&B. Due to the demand of consumers, Property Insurance Centre are now insuring Air B&B properties all over the UK. Cover will include all standard perils including storm, flood, accidental damage & more. Property Owners Liability can also be included up to £5,000,000 in case you require more than the standard £2,000,000. This is an essential cover as the risks involved with Liability Claims for Air B & B Properties unfortunately does not reduce. If you are letting property as an Air B & B you should make sure there are no potential hazards in the property that may result injury to one of your short term tenants. It is essential you thoroughly do your research on how to [...]

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26 06, 2019

Insurance quotes for Plumbers, Electricians & Joiners


Insurance quotes for Plumbers, Electricians & Joiners Property Insurance Centre have specialised in Commercial Insurance since 1976 and are pleased to carry out independent searches of a large range of insurance underwriters to get the best cover and rates for various trades including Plumbers, Electricians and Joiners. With offices in London and Northern Ireland we have clients all over the UK. The most standard insurance covers required for these trades are Public and Employee Liability. This covers you and any employees while you are out at jobs and also at your work premises if required. Not only is the public liability an essential for any tradesman it gives you credibility to your customers.  Potential customers prefer to have trades people working on their home or business with the knowledge that appropriate insurance cover is in place. Employers’ liability insurance is required even if you have casual labourers or apprentices [...]

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25 06, 2019

Dentist Insurance


Dentist Insurance If you are the owner of a Dentist building or require cover for the buildings & contents, it is essential your get the correct level of cover. Insurance for a Dentist can be for the buildings only, where you can have cover for all standard perils (such as fire, theft, flood, storm or malicious damage) and your legal liability to the public. The standard property owners liability limit is £2 million and can be increased to £5 million if required. The liability section of a buildings only policy will cover you for your legal liability to the public & third party property damage – think of strong winds from a storm dislodging a tile or guttering from your building and causing damage to a nearby car in the street or, injuring a person who is simply walking in the vicinity of the premises. This is why having [...]

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8 04, 2015

Contractors all Risks


Contractors all Risks There are broadly two types of construction risks insurance.  The first covers damage to property, such as damage to buildings and other structures being constructed or to the existing building in which the construction is being carried out. The second covers liability for third party claims for injury and death or damage to third party property. Modern forms of contractors' all risks policies cover both. The basic principle is that contractors' all risks insurance covers those losses not covered by an 'excluded peril'. For example, the JCT contracts exclude from cover risks such as defects due to 'wear and tear, obsolescence, deterioration, rust and mildew, loss and damage arising out of war and for faulty workmanship and faulty design'. The benefit to the insured under this type of policy is that the burden is shifted to the insurer who, to resist the claim, is required to [...]

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