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Who Needs Commercial Buildings Insurance?

Commercial Property Insurance is for landlords who rent out their property for commercial uses, ranging from offices or  shop fronts through to  a mechanics garage. As a Commercial Property Owner you are subject to a variety of risks for the building and contents as well as from the liabilities you have towards your tenants.

Rental properties by nature are at a higher risk of being damaged or repair work not being reported and taken care of. What may be ignored as a small patch of damp could in fact be a burst pipe slowly rotting away your ceiling and without it being reported, you could be completely unaware of an issue until serious damage has been done.

Commercial Buildings Insurance can help recover the costs of repairing or rebuilding your property should an accident happen.

Why Choose Property Insurance Centre?

At PIC, we understand the needs of Commercial Property Owners and understand that every building and circumstance is different. We can work with our insurers and tailor a policy to suit your exact needs.

Whether you want to apply for quotes online, or speak to one of our experienced, specialist team, we aim to give you the best Commercial Buildings Insurance cover at the right price.

As a specialist insurance broker, we strive to give our clients the best service with:

  • Access to a wide panel of insurers to source the right insurance cover for your business.
  • Nearly 40 years experience working with the best insurers in the UK.
  • A wide choice of policies and levels of cover – so that you are never over or under insured, neither are you spending money on covers you don’t need.
  • The ability, as professional insurance brokers, to get this type of ‘hard to place risks’ on cover with reputable insurers.
  • Excellent communication so that you understand what risks you are insured against.

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What Does Commercial Property Insurance Do?

Commercial Property Owners Insurance provides cover for the risks associated with owning a premises used for business purposes. This could be a shop, salon, restaurant, factory or even a warehouse. Buildings used for Leisure, education or charity events may come under the umbrella of Commercial Property too. Those needing Commercial Buildings Insurance can usually be split into 2 groups.

Owners that have bought the property themselves from where they will run their own business.

If you own the premises from which your business is run then you may wish to take out Commercial Contents Insurance which will protect the contents in your building such as computers, desks or tools as opposed to the physical building itself. You may wish to take out a Commercial Combined Policy which can provide cover for stock, business fixtures and fittings, money kept on site, business interruption, goods in transit, liabilities and the building. This type of cover is often the most cost effective option rather than having a separate Commercial Buildings Insurance, Commercial Contents Insurance and a Liability Policy.

Landlords that own the buildings and let them to commercial tenants for rental income.

If you are the landlord of a commercial building you must make it clear who is responsible for insuring what as typically your tenants contents will not be covered under your policy. Some landlords arrange Commercial Premises Insurance for their building and charge the tenant the premium, however they will still be responsible for insuring their own contents and equipment

Cover can also be arranged to include:

Liability Insurance – This can include both Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance which will protect you against a claim if a member of the public or an employee were to have an accident at your premises. EL Insurance is a requirement by UK law if you have any employees working for you, even if they are part time volunteers. Liability claims can be costly as well as time consuming with a lot of legal protocol to follow. If an employee were to have an accident as a direct result of working for you, you could have to pay legal fees and compensation as well as maybe having to take time off work to attend court dates or get legal advice. Many SME’s struggle to reopen after an incident like this if they don’t have adequate insurance. This can be due to the financial losses incurred or even the damage done to your businesses reputation.

Unoccupied Property Insurance – if your Commercial Property is left empty for more than 30 days at a time, your standard policy may not be enough and you may require a specialist policy. Unoccupied Property Insurance often provides the most basic of cover against perils such as flooding, fire lightning, earthquake and explosion. Therefore you may need additional security around your building and make it clear that it is not to be entered.

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