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At Property Insurance Centre we understand the needs of Business Owners Owners & Retail Shop Owners and understand that every business has different requirements. We can work with our insurers and tailor a bespoke policy to suit your exact needs.

Whether you want to apply for quotes online or speak to one of our experienced team, we aim to give you the best Business Insurance cover at the right price.

As a specialist insurance broker, we strive to give our clients the best service with:

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  • Bespoke Insurance Schemes & Portfolio Policies available

  • We can tailor your policy to suit your exact needs to give you complete peace of mind

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  • Cover available for the buildings while the property is being converted, renovated or extended

  • Over 40 years experience working with the best insurers in the UK

  • Excellent communication so that you understand what risks you are insured against

  • All Businesses welcome

What does Business Insurance and Shop Insurance Cover?

Many of the perils insured are of course similar & overlap, but some important aspects that are more important to each type of business are highlighted below.

Business Insurance may include

Business Interruption

Public Liability/Employers Liability

Contents/Fixtures & Fittings belonging to the business

Shop & retail Insurance many include

Cover for Stock if stolen


Goods in transit

Frozen Foods

Public Liability/Employers Liability

Property Owners that have bought the property themselves from where they will run their own business

If you own the premises from which your business is run then you may wish to take out Commercial Contents Insurance which will protect the contents in your building such as computers, desks, stock or tools as opposed to the physical building itself.

You may wish to take out a Business Package Policy which can provide cover for stock, business fixtures and fittings, money kept on site, business interruption, goods in transit, liabilities and the building. This type of cover is often the most cost effective option rather than having a separate Commercial Buildings Insurance, Commercial Contents Insurance and a Liability Policy.

Landlords that own the building and let it out to Commercial Tenants for Rental Income

If you are the landlord of a Commercial Building you must make it clear between yourself and your tenant who is responsible for insuring what, as typically your tenants contents will not be covered under your policy. Some landlords arrange Commercial Premises Insurance for their building and charge the tenant the premium, however they will still be responsible for insuring their own contents and equipment.

Cover will also be arranged to include:

Liability Insurance (Both Public & Employers Liability Insurance) – This will protect you against a claim if a member of the public or an employee were to have an accident at your premises. Employers Liability Insurance is a requirement by UK law if you have any employees working for you, even if they are part time volunteers. Liability claims can be extremely costly as well as time consuming with a lot of legal protocol to follow.

If an employee were to have an accident as a direct result of working for you, you could have to pay legal fees and compensation as well as maybe having to take time off work to attend court dates or get legal advice. Many SME’s struggle to reopen after an incident like this if they don’t have adequate insurance. This can be due to the financial losses incurred or even the damage done to your businesses reputation.

We have over 45 years experience working with:

Who Needs Shop Insurance or Business insurance?

Business Insurance is for Business Owners who apply their 'trade' from the premises. It includes the likes of offices, shops, pubs, restaurants, warehouses, surgeries and everything in between. As a Business Owner you are subject to a variety of risks for the building (if owned) and contents as well as from the liabilities you have in relation to employees and the public.

Commercial trading premises by nature are at a higher risk of being damaged or repair work not being reported and taken care of. What may be ignored as a small patch of damp could in fact be a burst pipe slowly rotting away your ceiling and without it being reported, you could be completely unaware of an issue until serious damage has occured. If you own the building as Business Owner, adding the building to a business package policy can help recover the costs of repairing or rebuilding your property should an accident happen.

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