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Black Friday Insurance

Black Friday Insurance Black Friday Insurance Deals are coming to Property Insurance Centre in 2019! We will also stretch it out for the whole week! We can cover and DISCOUNT the following classes of Business during Black Friday Week! CALL US OR FILL IN AN ONLINE FORM DURING BLACK FRIDAY WEEK FOR [...]

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Restaurant Insurance Quotes

Restaurant Insurance Quotes If you own a restaurant you know how important it is to make sure you have the right insurance and that you take the time when your annual renewal documentation comes in to make sure that you think about whether anything has changed since your previous renewal and that [...]

Restaurant Insurance Quotes2020-01-24T17:16:06+00:00

Commercial Insurance NI

Commercial Insurance NI Commercial Insurance Northern Ireland Whether you have a small family owned business, rent lots of properties across Northern Ireland or run a global multi-national organisation you need commercial insurance that suits your needs and your organisation.  Our team of specialist brokers at Property Insurance Centre in Northern Ireland [...]

Commercial Insurance NI2020-01-24T17:16:07+00:00

Where to Buy Restaurant Insurance from

Where to Buy Restaurant Insurance from Do you own a restaurant, a café, a fast food restaurant or a takeaway? If so you will know that insurance is critical – but do you know exactly what types of insurance you should make sure you have and do you know what each is [...]

Where to Buy Restaurant Insurance from2020-01-24T17:16:09+00:00

Mrs Shepherd saves money on her Fish & Chip Shop insurance

Mrs Shepherd saves money on her Fish & Chip Shop insurance Mrs Shepherd enquired into her renewal premium (a commercial property insurance policy) for the Fish & Chip Shop that she owns as the renewal had gone up. Due to the excellent relationship we have with our insurance underwriters we were able [...]

Mrs Shepherd saves money on her Fish & Chip Shop insurance2020-01-24T17:16:24+00:00

Supermarket Insurance

Supermarket Insurance As specialists in commercial insurance Property Insurance Centre since 1976 have provided cover for a range of supermarkets from small corner shops to 100,000 sq ft superstores. The common types of cover are buildings & contents, public and employee liability and also stock cover. We also provide cover for cigarettes, [...]

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Business Insurance

Business Insurance Property Insurance Centre are a specialist business insurance broker covering all over the UK and work with around 10 different insurance underwriters. One insurance provider that we work closely with are AXA. AXA are an award winning provider with excellent claims handling support and unbeatable levels of cover and great [...]

Business Insurance2020-01-24T17:16:26+00:00

Online Store Insurance

Online Store Insurance Online Retailers (E-Commerce) Insurance With the growing number of online retailers we would like to tell you that we have specific insurance cover for your e-commerce store. Not only does our E-Commerce Insurance cover you for your own independent store but also if you have your own Ebay or [...]

Online Store Insurance2020-01-24T17:16:26+00:00