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17 02, 2022

What Factors Influence the Cost of Commercial Property Insurance?


 What Factors Influence the Cost of Commercial Property Insurance?  Commercial property insurance protects landlords who rent out their property for commercial purposes. This type of insurance policy is required due to the wide range of costly incidents that can occur when you allow another party to occupy the commercial property, such as a steel structure or barn. This coverage is also known as commercial landlords' insurance. To obtain this type of insurance, the lessor must enter into a formal rental agreement with its tenant, naming itself as the lessor and the occupying organization as the tenant. For around 300 years, insurance underwriters have used four factors to determine what your premiums for commercial property insurance are, and we'll go over these four factors, which you can remember in a simple acronym called cope C-O-P-E, which stands for CONSTRUCTION, OCCUPANCY, PROTECTION, and EXPOSURE. Get a Quote [...]

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31 10, 2019

Black Friday Insurance


Black Friday Insurance Black Friday Insurance Deals are coming to Property Insurance Centre in 2019! We will also stretch it out for the whole week! We can cover and DISCOUNT the following classes of Business during Black Friday Week! CALL US OR FILL IN AN ONLINE FORM DURING BLACK FRIDAY WEEK FOR YOUR CLASS OF BUSINESS - AS LONG AS YOU CALL OR FORM FILL THE BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT WILL APPLY! The Discount is UK Wide! Our Black Friday deals will apply to your renewal next year also. We will continue to apply our discounts when the policy is due to renew, if you have taken out the policy and paid during Black Friday Week. This means your policy will not spike in price next year, due to not getting the Black Friday Insurance Discount. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof [...]

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24 09, 2019

Restaurant Insurance Quotes


Restaurant Insurance Quotes If you own a restaurant you know how important it is to make sure you have the right insurance and that you take the time when your annual renewal documentation comes in to make sure that you think about whether anything has changed since your previous renewal and that you then ensure your cover continues.  If you are opening a restaurant for the first time, trust us when we say that restaurant insurance is not an area you should cut corners on.  Some people also refer to restaurant insurance coverage as business insurance for a restaurant – but the name is not as important as ensuring you get the right cover for all your restaurant insurance needs. If you are not quite sure what you actually need, it is best to take some professional advice rather than relying on a google search such as ‘business insurance for [...]

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29 06, 2019

Commercial Insurance NI


Commercial Insurance NI Commercial Insurance Northern Ireland Whether you have a small family owned business, rent lots of properties across Northern Ireland or run a global multi-national organisation you need commercial insurance that suits your needs and your organisation.  Our team of specialist brokers at Property Insurance Centre in Northern Ireland are dedicated to finding you the right insurance for your needs at the best premium. We specialise in Commercial Insurance Northern Ireland. Some examples of some local business types we support: Ice Cream Shop Insurance Public House Insurance Financial Advisers Office Insurance Locksmith Insurance Restaurant Insurance including Takeaways Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance Why Choose us for your Insurance NI? We are a locally based company in [...]

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29 06, 2019

Coffee shop insurance


Coffee shop insurance Not all coffee is the same – and as the owner or manager of a coffee shop, you know that not all coffee shops are the same either.  Whether you are a sole trader or one of a chain of multi-nationals, you still need insurance that meets your needs.  Property Insurance Centre specialises in providing support to a range of coffee shops, restaurants and takeaway providers so we know our business is to help support your business.  Customer service is key to us, so we aim to make purchasing your coffee shop insurance or any other insurance as convenient as possible – but we also that you can’t afford to have the wrong insurance when you need it so we need to take the time to get things right.  Each one of our customers has a dedicated contact and you won’t have to go through a [...]

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29 06, 2019

Where to Buy Restaurant Insurance from


Where to Buy Restaurant Insurance from Do you own a restaurant, a café, a fast-food restaurant or a takeaway? If so you will know that insurance is critical – but do you know exactly what types of insurance you should make sure you have and do you know what each is for? Just in case you are new to this or aren’t sure, read on for some hints and tips to make sure you are covered when you need it. Restaurant insurance in just a generic title for insurance to cover places which are like restaurants such as cafes, sandwich bars, takeaways and fast food restaurants as these businesses all need similar types of cover.  That said, every business is different – so it’s essential that you take the time to think about what you need.  Let’s think about a few questions which show how every business is unique [...]

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29 06, 2019

Shop Insurance


Shop Insurance Where to Shop for Insurance? When it comes to finding insurance for your shop you need to make sure that you are covered for lots of potential situations that might happen.  Therefore, find an insurance broker with the experience in commercial insurance who will do the searching for you instead of comparison websites.  Comparison websites only ask a few questions relevant to the business without asking the questions relevant to your specific shop. At Property Insurance Centre we have been trading since 1976 and pride ourselves in specialising in Commercial Insurance.  Answer the questions once to us and let us do all the searching for you.  We have great cover and rates with the major insurance underwriters such as AXA, Ageas, Allianz, RSA, Aviva & Lloyds and are pleased to offer cover for a wide range of shops including Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Florists, Butchers, Supermarkets, Grocers, Barbers, [...]

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27 06, 2019

Mrs Shepherd saves money on her Fish & Chip Shop insurance


Mrs Shepherd saves money on her Fish & Chip Shop insurance Mrs Shepherd enquired into her renewal premium (a commercial property insurance policy) for the Fish & Chip Shop that she owns as the renewal had gone up. Due to the excellent relationship we have with our insurance underwriters we were able to get the renewal discounted from £1400 to £1212 (including fee & insurance premium tax IPT). Mrs Shepherd was really happy and took out the renewal with us for another year. At Property Insurance Centre we have a dedicated new business and renewals team who work hard not only to get you the best price and cover when you join us but also continue to work hard for you when it comes to getting the best rates when renewals are due. If you are looking for the best cover and rates around as an owner of a [...]

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27 06, 2019

Supermarket Insurance


Supermarket Insurance As specialists in commercial insurance Property Insurance Centre since 1976 have provided cover for a range of supermarkets from small corner shops to 100,000 sq ft superstores. The common types of cover are buildings & contents, public and employers liability and also stock cover. We also provide cover for cigarettes, wines & spirits and money, legal expenses as well as various levels of cover on public liability. We have access to over 10 different underwriters and therefore will get you the best cover and rates available. With underwriters such as AXA, Zurich, Ageas, RSA, Aviva and Allianz to name a few we are confident that we can get you the best rates about. Over 40 years of trading means that we have well established relationships with the major underwriters allowing us to give competitive quotes regardless of the complexity or even high risk policies. Get a Quote [...]

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27 06, 2019

Business Insurance


Business Insurance Property Insurance Centre are a specialist business insurance broker covering all over the UK and work with around 10 different insurance underwriters. One insurance provider that we work closely with are AXA. AXA are an award winning provider with excellent claims handling support and unbeatable levels of cover and great rates. As a specialist commercial insurance provider we are able to offer business insurance cover from as little as £500. Why Choose Property Insurance Centre? Established in 1976 Dedicated new business team Let us do the searching for you to find the best cover and rates available Business insurance policies are perfect for offices, hairdressers, restaurants, dental surgeries and more.  We can offer affordable insurance for you whether you have just one commercial let property or an entire portfolio. If you are looking for a business insurance policy from AXA or any of our other insurance providers [...]

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27 06, 2019

Online Store Insurance


Online Store Insurance Online Retailers (E-Commerce) Insurance With the growing number of online retailers we would like to tell you that we have specific insurance cover for your e-commerce store. Not only does our E-Commerce Insurance cover you for your own independent store but also if you have your own Ebay or Amazon seller accounts. With this being a bespoke insurance package it is better that you give the details directly to our new business team. After giving details once to them they will then do the searching and negotiate with the insurance underwriters to make sure that you get the right cover for your online business as well as the best rates available. Common types of cover offered to online retailers are public and employee liability insurance as well as stock insurance. If you are running an online business or thinking of getting started get the right cover [...]

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27 06, 2019

Music Equipment Insurance


Music Equipment Insurance In addition to providing musicians and event insurance we are pleased to now offer insurance that covers your music equipment from accidental damage, theft and loss. Our music equipment insurance can also act like an extended warranty through our instrument and equipment breakdown cover. We can also provide you with cover to protect your equipment in your home, studio, at gigs/events or while in transit. As well as insurance to protect your equipment we can also provide public liability insurance for any gigs or events you are planning to attend or run up to £10 million. Property Insurance Centre are specialist commercial insurance brokers working with businesses and sole traders of all sizes since 1976. Our dedicated new business team can be contacted on 0800 085 3761 and if you ask to speak to us & we will do all the searching for you to make [...]

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27 06, 2019

Stock Insurance Covers


Stock Insurance Cover ]Lots of different businesses have stock in their premises from shops to factories and all types of stock has the risk of being stolen or damaged. Stock insurance cover can also protect any tools or machinery as well. A loss of stock or damage to your equipment can cause serious interruption and loose your business money. Our stock insurance cover policies start from £ which would cover £ of your stock or equipment.  If it comes to making a successful claim for loss or damage of stock you will get the cost price (not RRP) at the time that you purchased it. You will have conditions that apply to your policy such as ensuring that it is stored in a certain way and inform your insurance provider if your stock level grows in terms of quantity or value. Stock insurance cover can also cover goods in [...]

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26 06, 2019

Newsagents Insurance


Newsagents Insurance Public liability insurance is essential for all retail shops including Newsagents. When it comes to finding the best cover and rates let Property Insurance Centre do all the searching for you. As a busy owner of a newsagents our dedicated new business team will search through our insurance providers to find you public liability, employee liability, buildings and contents, stock cover, fixtures and fittings, goods in transit and legal expenses. If something happens to your premises or stock it will impact your ability to trade so we can also provide you with business interruption insurance cover. To get a no obligation quotation today call Claire, Robert or Gavin FREE on 0800 085 3761. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance [...]

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26 06, 2019

Bookkeepers Insurance


Bookkeepers Insurance If you are a bookkeeper then our commercial insurance policies will keep you protected should anything go wrong. Our professional indemnity insurance is one of the most popular and protects you should one of your clients sue you for negligence or if you make a mistake in your work. Public liability insurance is another essential for bookkeepers giving you peace of mind against claims for injury or damage. Some professional bodies such as the ICB will require you to have appropriate insurance cover in place as a requirement of their membership. At Property Insurance Centre we are an independent insurance broker and our New Business Team will take all your details and do all the searching for you to make sure that you get the best cover and rate available. Call us today on 0800 085 3761 today. Get a Quote [...]

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26 06, 2019

Beauty Therapist Insurance


Beauty Therapist Insurance When it comes to running a beauty therapist’s business you can be the best at all the treatments that you offer but things do not always go the way that it should. If a customer takes a reaction to one of your products or treatments you may be liable for a compensation claim. As a specialist commercial insurance broker since 1976 Property Insurance Centre are pleased to offer bespoke policies specifically for Beauty Therapists. Types of cover we offer Beauty Therapists: • Buildings & Contents • Public & Employee Liability • Stock • Legal expenses cover. With public liability cover from as little as £60 per year give our New Business Team a call on 0800 085 3761 if you are looking for beauty therapist insurance. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many [...]

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26 06, 2019

E Cigarette Shop Insurance


E Cigarette Shop Insurance If you are a property owner who lets a building to a tenant who’s trade is an E cigarette shop, you need the right insurance in place. This type of insurance is not always the easiest to find, as many insurers to not cover E Cigarette shops due to the risks involved with youths breaking in to steal vape cartridges for an example. This type of trade may have a high footfall and it is therefore imperative that Property Owners Liability insurance is included with any buildings insurance policy, and also to the right level. Cover can normally be provided up to £2million or £5million respectively where possible. Building Insurance Policies can also include full accidental damage, flood cover, subsidence cover, legal expenses & terrorism cover for example. Property Insurance Centre insures E Cigarette shop all over the UK using A Rated capacity rated insurers. If [...]

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26 06, 2019

Nursery School Insurance


Nursery School Insurance Are you a landlord or property owner of a Nursery School or Day Nursery? If you are you may have found it difficult to get Nursery School Insurance due to the potential liability claims that are often associated with this type of property. Property Insurance Centre are Commercial Property Owner and Commercial Landlord Insurance specialists with access to a large panel of insurers that can provide essential cover to Property Owners of a Nursery School or Day Nursery.Cover can be provided for all standard perils, full accidental damage, legal expenses & terrorism cover. Property Owners Liability can be included from £2,000,000 to £5,000,000 and is essential that every property owner has this in place, especially with a Nursery School. Loss of rent in the event of an insured peril such as a flood can also be included to cover the rental income that a landlord may [...]

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26 06, 2019

Shoe Shop Insurance


Shoe Shop Insurance Instead of using comparison websites and having to repeat the same information again and again get in touch with our new business team on 0800 085 3761 and we will do all the searching for you. As the owner of a busy shoe shop we will ask you for the information once and as an independent broker we will search through our large panel of insurance underwriters to get you the best Shoe Shop Insurance for the best price. We are FCA approved and have been specialists in business insurance since 1976. You can request a callback with us at a time convenient to you or give us a call to get an immediate quote and cover if required. For shoe shops we will search for insurance cover that covers your buildings and stock, public liability, employee liability and legal cover if required. Be reassured that you [...]

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26 06, 2019

Fish and Chip Shop Insurance


Fish and Chip Shop Insurance As an owner of a Fish & Chip Shop in the UK Property Insurance Centre can offer you buildings, public liability and fixtures and fittings can be covered if required. As experts in Commercial Property Insurance we can offer you our promise to beat your invited insurance renewal premium (terms & conditions do apply).  We know that business owners are busy people therefore we can take care of and quote for everything that your business might need such as: Public liability insurance Employers liability insurance Contents insurance Business interruption Buildings cover Financial cover that protects money on your premises including what is contained in a safe Goods in transit Buildings cover Legal expenses Terrorism cover Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance [...]

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26 06, 2019

Bed and Breakfast Insurance


Bed and Breakfast Insurance A standard home insurance policy will not cover you if you decide to turn your home into a B&B or Air BnB due to the number of guests or customers that will be coming in and out of your property. Property Insurance Centre have been providing specialist insurance cover for people who run a business from their home since 1976. We can provide you with additional cover to protect you against your guests stealing or accidentally damaging anything in your home. We can provide the following: Buildings insurance cover up to £500,000 (additional cover is available if required). Public liability insurance up to £5 million to cover any accidents involving guests at your B&B. Employers liability for anyone you employ in your B&B. Business continuity insurance & cyber insurance to protect against anything that might damage computers or attacks on your website that will affect [...]

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26 06, 2019

Launderette Insurance Cover


Launderette Insurance Cover For over 40 years Property Insurance Centre have been providing specialist brokerage services for businesses of all types including Launderettes. It is important to protect yourself from insurance claims from your customers and any employees. With access to lots of underwriters we will do all the searching for you so no need to use a price comparison website! Speak to us today on 0800 085 3761 today to get the best price for your Launderette Insurance. The insurance policies can cover your building, public liability, business interruption if your business has to close temporarily and even legal expenses protection is available. We can provide insurance protection for your specialist equipment in the launderette including the everyday essentials such as your computer. We recommend that you read your policy documents and make sure that you understand any exclusions that might apply. If you rent your premises check [...]

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25 06, 2019

Retail Shop Insurance UK


Retail Shop Insurance UK If you own a retail premises you need to be careful with obtaining the correct level of cover to protect your asset. You may be the landlord of the building or the freeholder and operating your business from the premises, and both will expose you to certain risks that you need to be aware of. Whether you have a property owner’s policy/commercial property owner’s policy or business policy, you can be exposed to liability claims. Imagine you had a customer & you were the business owner insuring your contents and fixtures & fitting along with the stock in the shop, and your customer tripped and fell, injuring themselves in the process. Now imagine the same customer is unable to carry out her duties at work due to the injury sustained at your premises. Now imagine you have been found negligent – this is why it is paramount [...]

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25 06, 2019

Fruit & Veg Shop Insurance


Fruit & Veg Shop Insurance UK If you are the owner of a Fruit & Veg building or require cover for the buildings & contents, it is essential you get the correct level of cover. Insurance for a fruit & veg can be for the buildings only, where you can have cover for all standard perils (such as fire, theft, flood, storm or malicious damage) and your legal liability to the public. The standard property owners liability limit is £2 million and can be increased to £5 million if required.  The liability section of a buildings only policy will cover you for your legal liability to the public & third party property damage – think of strong winds from a storm dislodging a tile or guttering from your building and causing damage to a nearby car in the street or, injuring a person who is simply walking in the [...]

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