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Caravan Insurance

Caravan Insurance

Caravan Insurance

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Caravan Insurance


Owning a caravan can be a very rewarding experience. It provide a weekend or summer long escape, allowing you to forget all of daily stresses you can find in your home. Or does it? The one thing you should do to keep that feeling of harmony going, is get the right caravan insurance . Without the correct cover, your picturesque setting can quickly become a money pit nightmare!

What do you need to know about Caravan Insurance?

Well, whether you own a touring caravan or a static caravan, there are certain risks attached of course. You need to make sure you caravan is covered for various eventualities and comply with some various important conditions of the policy.

A specialist caravan insurance policy will provide cover that not is provided by a standard car insurance policy – something many caravan owner forget is that whilst you are towing the caravan, the car insurance policy more often than not will only provide limited cover. In most cases the car insurance cover will only extend to include cover to third parties – not much good if your pride and joy is ruined beyond repair on the way to your annual getaway!

A standard car insurance policy will not give caravan cover for theft or any other damage whilst it is detached from your car or other towing vehicle. These are the most important things to consider, if you are relying on a car insurance policy to provide you with insurance cover for a caravan.


Caravan Insurance can cover you for the following:


Theft of the caravan – if it is ever stolen whilst DETACHED FROM YOUR VEHICLE. This cover can extend to campsite or the caravan park and also whilst parked at your own home. This is essential cover for any caravan owner. Your caravan will not always be attached to your vehicle!

Internal damage to your caravan – A caravan policy will provide cover for damage to the inside of your caravan. For example, one of the most common incidents is in fact escape of water.

External Damage to your caravan – A specialist policy can provide cover for damage by malicious persons. This cover will also extend to your caravan whilst it is parked or being towed by your vehicle.

Public Liability for caravan – This is one of these most important covers you can have. Accidents happen, and unfortunately they happen often at caravan parks and campsites. With families and young children running around, you can’t prepare for every eventuality no matter how vigilant and alert you are. This cover will provide you with protection if you injure a member of the public or damage someone else’s property following an accident.


Frequently asked questions by caravan owners


Are touring caravans and static caravan the same?

No. A Static Caravan is a more permanent structure. As a result of it is built of stronger materials making it an altogether heavier construction when compared to that of a touring caravan. You will often find static caravan located on purpose built sites. On these sites there will be various amenities available to the public, such as washing and showering facilities, or even places to eat and shops for your grocery shopping.

A touring caravan is towed by another vehicle and is generally lighter and more compact. These are often located at private residential homes. Top Tip – Make sure you don’t confuse a touring caravan with a motor home. These are two different types of leisure vehicles and will require two very different types of insurance policy to cover them correctly. Static Caravan Insurance will be different policy to a touring caravan insurance policy.

Can I have caravan contents insurance?

Yes. A specialist caravan insurance policy will provide cover for contents. Top Tip – Make sure you are not insuring contents twice! Many home insurance policies will in fact include cover for some of the possessions you may have a in a caravan. Speak to your home insurance provider first and find out what that policy covers. There is no point in paying for something again if you are already insured. Top Tip – General household items kept in your caravan, such as beds and cutlery for example will more than likely not be included in standard home policy. We advise you give them a call to find out. If they don’t, well then you have the option of adding to a standard caravan policy.

Does my insurance include the awnings?

Yes. Your static caravan is defined as the caravan itself and includes awnings, external steps, balconies, decking, toilet tents and portable toilets, fixtures & fittings including refrigerators, microwaves, cookers, generators, gas bottles securely padlocked unless in use and connected, wheel clamps, hitch locks, batteries, aerials, water tanks and other similar caravan attachments.

Am I covered for Storm?

Yes. Storm is included with a standard caravan insurance policy.

Am I covered for Fire?

Yes. Fire cover is included on a standard caravan policy.

Am I covered for malicious damage?

Yes. Static caravans are covered for damage by malicious persons and is one of the core covers or perils under your policy.

Am I covered for Loss of Use & Hiring Charges?

In the event of the holiday caravan being rendered unusable following and insured event, a policy will normally pay rental charges booked prior to the damage and expenses reasonably incurred for the hire of another caravan or alternate accommodation up to 20% of the Sum Insured.

Am I covered for damage to frozen food?

A caravan insurance policy will normally pay up to £100 following Damage to freezer food contained in a domestic freezer due to a rise or fall in the temperature of the freezer but excluding Damage arising from the deliberate cutting off of the power supply.

Am I covered for Replacements Locks?

A caravan policy will pay to replace locks to the Holiday Caravan following accidental loss of the keys or Damage caused to the locks.

Am I covered for Contents in the open?

Yes. A policy will pay for Damage to Contents in the open within the immediate vicinity of the Holiday Caravan whilst it is occupied caused by a Defined Peril up to a certain limit as defined within your policy.

Am I covered for Accidental Damage to Underground Services?

A caravan insurance company will normally pay for Damage caused to the underground water, gas, sewer and drainpipes and underground electricity and telephone cables within Your plot boundary connected to the public mains for which you are responsible.

Am I covered for Accidental Damage to fixed Glass?

Yes. Your caravan insurer will normally pay for Damage to glass in doors, windows, fanlights or skylights or of washbasins, splashbacks, pedestals, baths, sinks, bidets, lavatory cisterns, lavatory pans, shower trays and shower screens all fixed to and forming part of the Static Caravan.


For a Static Caravan Insurance quote please give Property Insurance Centre call on 0800 085 3761 and speak with one of Level 3 qualified insurance staff. We will find you the right cover at the right price. Can’t talk? Fill in the online form and we will email our quote to you!