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Why Is Commercial Insurance Important?

//Why Is Commercial Insurance Important?

Why Is Commercial Insurance Important?

Why Is Commercial Insurance Important?

Your commercial property you own is one of the most expensive assets in your life.  There it is extremely important you make sure you have adequate insurance cover in place to protect you against unforeseen incidents such as fire, subsidence, floods, etc.

The team at Property Insurance Centre have extensive knowledge of different types of insurance available and can therefore guide you on the all the different types of cover.  It is important to insure your property for the correct rebuild.  Appointing a building surveyor to survey your property will ascertain a figure to which you should insure your property for.  You do not want to underinsure your property as this will cause a lot of issue if a claim occurs.

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What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

Commercial Property Insurance cover a wide range of perils as well as other add-ons.  Perils can include fire, storm, subsidence, accidental damage, theft, malicious damage, escape of water, flood and many more.  Policies come standard with Property Owners Liability at £2,000,000 but can be increased to £5,000,000.  Insurance perils are what you insure against if there is a claim.  If required you can add on legal expenses, terrorism, employers liability and landlord contents.

You must make sure you have insured your buildings for the correct figure as failure to do so can cause the condition of average being applied if a claim occurs.  This may mean that full amount of the claim may not be paid out.  It is the responsibility of the landlord to insure their property.  If uninsured and a claim occurs will you ‘the landlord’ have the money set aside to fix the damage?

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What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cost?

Commercial Property Insurance will range in cost as it is dependant on certain factors which include; postcode, trade in the property, previous claims, rebuild cost, if you are in a flood/subsidence area and many more.

If you want to insure the property which is in a high theft/malicious damage area the underwriters will take this into consideration and that area may have more expensive rates, perils could be excluded or higher excesses added.  The same would apply if the property is located beside a river, the underwriters would be concerned incase it bursts its banks, overflows and causes damage to the property they are insuring.

Commercial Property Insurance can start from as little as £142 for the year but this is dependent on all factors mentioned above.

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