Land Liability Insurance

12 11, 2019

Land Insurance


Land Insurance Land insurance If you own land or have the responsibility for maintaining a piece of land, you may think that insurance is not important, but you would be wrong.  No matter whether your land is in regular use or not, you should consider taking out land insurance.  Why? What could possibly happen? You may be the most responsible Land or Property Owner in the world, but that does not mean you won't be on the wrong end of a Solicitor's letter after a member of the Public trips, falls & injures themselves on your land! What happens if a tree branch falls from your land and damages a car passing by, or worse still, injures someone. These are all scenarios that Solicitors will take on - were you negligent by not filling in potholes or not cutting back that tree?  Limits of Cover - £1 million, £2 [...]

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28 06, 2019

Do I need Land Liability Insurance?


Do I need Land Liability Insurance? ]Do I need Land Liability Insurance? Land liability insurance is a specialist type of public liability insurance and will offer insurance protection for land owners from compensation claims if something happens to members of the public who are passing through your land or if damage is caused from trees on your land if they were to damage property or people.  Who needs Land Liability Insurance? Land liability insurance is perfect for owners of plots of land, building sites, woodlands, fields and also car parks and private roads.  Policy holders will have this for people who have land for personal reasons or even rent it out to farmers and land liability insurance is to protect you as the land owner from compensation claims from people who are on your land even if they are trespassing.  Therefore, as a land owner you do need land [...]

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25 06, 2019

Why you should have Landowners Liability Insurance


Why you should have Landowners Liability Insurance Who needs landowners insurance? All landowners, even if you are in the country, town or city should always consider protecting themselves with landowner liability insurance.  This can particularly apply for: Residents associations with communal areas. Commercial landowners e.g. industrial estate or sports field. Private landowners e.g. common land, fields with or without footpaths. Brownfield land, development site, undeveloped pasture, field, road and retail parks. Types of Claim: A tree falling & causing damage to a person or property. Someone being injured due to your negligence in maintenance of the area If you own any land, you are liable for any member of public even if they are trespassing and you may have to pay out compensation unless you can prove that you were not negligent. How we can help: Property Insurance Centre can offer Landowners Liability Insurance policies with immediate start cover.  With [...]

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