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Residential Landlords Insurance

/Residential Landlords Insurance

Property Insurance

Property Insurance With lots of the companies offering Property Insurance we wanted to let you know about why you should choose Property Insurance Centre for your buildings insurance needs: Independent broker with friendly, knowledgeable staff available online or by phone. Access to a wide range of insurers in the UK with the [...]

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House Insurance Northern Ireland

House Insurance Northern Ireland The most recent House Price Index showed the standardised price of a property in Northern Ireland is £136,767 and this ranges from terrace properties at £95,202 to detached properties at £204,060.  Many buyers borrow a mortgage of between 75 and 95% of the value of the home and [...]

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Buy to let insurance

Buy to Let Insurance   If you have already bought a property to let or you are thinking about it, make sure you take out the right buy to let insurance policy.  When you are letting a property, you can’t just take out normal home insurance cover as you have additional responsibilities which [...]

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Landlords Cover and Fire Cover

Landlords Cover Customers will often call us and ask for Fire Cover or Landlords Cover when taking out a policy. This terminology often originates from lenders and banks, who insist that where there is a mortgage in place, there is also fire cover in place. When taking out Fire Cover [...]

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Landlords Contents Insurance

Landlords Contents Insurance Landlords Contents Insurance Let’s say you are Property Investor and the immediate thought is let’s get the building covered as that is where the biggest risk is. Right? Well, not ALL of the time. Yes, or course get the building insured as a matter or priority [...]

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Protect the Family with Insurance

Protect the family with insurance In times of financial strain, it is often the case that people try to make savings where they can. From their shopping bill, from their commute to work to eating out in fancy restaurants. One place not to try and make a saving is [...]

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Landlord cover with public liability

Landlord Cover with Public Liability What is Landlord Cover? Landlord cover is insurance for landlord which includes insurance for Flood, Storm, Fire, Loss of Rent, Theft, malicious damage, accidental damage, to name a few. Most importantly it includes Landlord Liability Cover. Top tip when buying Landlords Insurance Make [...]

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Residential Landlords Insurance

Residential Landlords Insurance All landlords know that they have responsibility for insuring their building and anything they own within the building. Tenants should have contents insurance for their own possessions which are in the building – but they are not responsible for insuring the building itself. While these roles are clear to [...]

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Landlord insurance in Northern Ireland

Landlord insurance in Northern Ireland Are you already a landlord with one or multiple properties or are you thinking about becoming a landlord? If your answer is yes, now is the time to understand why you must ensure you have the right insurance. The condition of the property market in Northern Ireland [...]

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What Types of Property Insurance Are Available?

What Types of Property Insurance Are Available? Although property insurance in London & anywhere else in the UK is not mandatory it is a requirement of interested parties such as banks or anyone who lends you money secured on your property.  Also, if you rent out your commercial or residential property your tenant will [...]

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