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28 06, 2019

Property Insurance


Property Insurance With lots of the companies offering Property Insurance we wanted to let you know about why you should choose Property Insurance Centre for your buildings insurance needs: Independent broker with friendly, knowledgeable staff available online or by phone. Access to a wide range of insurers in the UK with the best cover and rates available. Bespoke insurance schemes & portfolio policies are available. Complete peace of mind through our tailored policies. Experts in Occupied & Unoccupied Commercial & Residential Insurance policies. Over 40 years of experience working with the best insurance underwriters in the UK. Excellent communication so that you understand what risks you are insured against. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance Everyone who owns [...]

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5 11, 2019

House Insurance Northern Ireland


Home Insurance NI A recent House Price Index showed the standard price of a property in Northern Ireland is £136,767 and this ranges from terrace properties at £95,202 to detached properties at £204,060.  Many buyers borrow a mortgage of between 75 and 95% of the value of the home and providers normally require the property to be insured while the mortgage remains in place.  Even if you do not have a mortgage, most people’s homes are their biggest asset so there’s a clear need to make sure all home owners make sure they get best Home Insurance NI policy with multiple layers of protection. Failing to adequately insure your home can have massive repercussions if the worst happens and you home is damaged.  But what do you actually need to insure? Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists [...]

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29 10, 2019

Buy to let insurance


Buy to Let Insurance If you have already bought a property to let or you are thinking about it, make sure you take out the right buy to let insurance policy. When you are letting a property, you can’t just take out normal home insurance cover as you have additional responsibilities which you need to cover.  You are not present in your property all the time, so there are also different kinds of risk that you and your property are exposed to. So what kind of risks do you need cover for? Everyone knows there are a wide range of things that can go wrong when you own and let out a property. From mechanical breakdowns with cookers or boilers to damage caused by a fire, flood or the tenant themselves, no one can predict what may go wrong. A buy to let policy can include cover for a wide [...]

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25 10, 2019

Landlords Cover and Fire Cover


Landlords Cover Customers will often call us and ask for Fire Cover or Landlords Cover when taking out a policy. This terminology often originates from lenders and banks, who insist that where there is a mortgage in place, there is also fire cover in place. When taking out Fire Cover or Landlord Cover as it is more commonly known as. Do you know what you are actually being insured for? We let’s look at the main covers under a standard Landlord Insurance policy for a Residential Buy to Let Policy. Fire Cover Fire is self – explanatory. Normally from an electrical fault for example or from an explosion. Top Tip – check your policy covers Fire AND also does not exclude arson. Not all policies cover arson. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of [...]

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24 10, 2019

Landlords Contents Insurance


Landlords Contents Insurance Landlords Contents Insurance Let’s say you are Property Investor and the immediate thought is let’s get the building covered as that is where the biggest risk is. Right? Well, not ALL of the time. Yes, or course get the building insured as a matter or priority to get immediate protection on your hard earned investment, but don’t forget about the contents which becomes even more important when the property becomes occupied by a tenant. Let’s look at why in a moment, but first, what is landlords contents insurance?Question: What is the most common Landlord Insurance Claim. Answer: Escape of water claim to landlords contents including carpets! What is landlord contents insurance? These are the contents owned by you, the landlord. Imagine you but a property to rent out and decide to get a tenant after some general sprucing up of the property. Then you get the [...]

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23 10, 2019

Protect the Family with Insurance


Get the correct Cover There are loads of insurance companies out there and loads of insurance broker to choose from. Today it is easy to go online and search them out. Competing insurers will often give fantastic offers at discounted prices. The temptation, of course, is to go for the 'cheapest' one - especially when you are trying to make savings at times of relative hardship! For example, let's say you own a 4 storey Victorian Town House. You go online and fill in their online form, and there is a fantastic premium quoted. It halves your current insurer's renewal price and provides all the best cover available. BUT, there is one problem - you filled the form in incorrectly by mistake. You have confirmed there are only 3 floors at the property. You think, "No big thing, right?"  Wrong! How do you know the insurer covers properties with [...]

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18 10, 2019

Landlord cover with public liability


Landlord Cover with Public Liability What is Landlord Cover? Landlord cover is insurance for landlord which includes insurance for Flood, Storm, Fire, Loss of Rent, Theft, malicious damage, accidental damage, to name a few. Most importantly it includes Landlord Liability Cover. Top tip when buying Landlords Insurance Make sure the Property Owners Liability or Landlord Liability is sufficient - Property Insurance Centre can offer policies that provider the landlord with cover up to £2,000,000, £5,000,000 or even £10,000,000 for much larger property, such as a large flats insurance. You need to assess the risk at your premises, by thinking of who visits your property and how often people visit the property - all of which increases the risk of higher landlord liability required. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance [...]

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29 06, 2019

Residential Landlords Insurance


Residential Landlords Insurance All landlords know that they have responsibility for insuring their building and anything they own within the building. Tenants should have contents insurance for their own possessions which are in the building – but they are not responsible for insuring the building itself. While these roles are clear to many people, there is often confusion about what insurance cover residential landlords need. Here is a quick guide to the policies which are provided by Property Insurance Centre who are experts in Residential Landlords Insurance based in London and Northern Ireland. What is covered with our landlord insurance? As a basic residential landlord’s insurance must cover any potential damage to the building itself such as a flood (depending on the location and flood history of the area) or a fire. This is similar to normal household insurance but a normal household insurance policy would be invalid if [...]

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29 06, 2019

Landlord insurance in Northern Ireland


Landlord insurance in Northern Ireland Are you already a landlord with one or multiple properties or are you thinking about becoming a landlord? If your answer is yes, now is the time to understand why you must ensure you have the right insurance. The condition of the property market in Northern Ireland is perfect for landlords. Many people can’t afford to buy their own home so renting is a good option which also leaves them without the responsibility of looking after the premise they are living in. Many businesses can’t afford to purchase buildings or if they are opening for the first time they aren’t ready to commit to property. The rental market is perfect for both commercial and residential landlords, with plenty of availability in Belfast and across Northern Ireland. But in terms of insurance that means a lot of responsibility sits with landlords. This is why landlord [...]

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29 06, 2019

What Types of Property Insurance Are Available?


What Types of Property Insurance Are Available? Although property insurance in the UK is not mandatory, it is a requirement of interested parties such as banks or anyone who lends you money secured on your property.  Also, if you rent out your commercial or residential property your tenant will assume that you have adequate insurance cover in place for the buildings. There are lots of different types of property insurance available, everything from common home insurance policies to bespoke portfolio packages for landlords with a variety of commercial buildings. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance At Property Insurance Centre we specialise in commercial insurance policies but do cater for home insurance policies through our offices in Northern Ireland [...]

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29 06, 2019

Property Owners Liability Cover


Property Owners Liability Cover What does Property Owners Liability cover? It allows you to meet any costs or compensation payments that might need to be paid out after being sued by a member of the public following an injury.  It is specific liability insurance for property owners such as landlords. Who Does Property Owners Liability cover? It covers any property owners as you have a legal responsibility to ensure your property is well maintained and does not present unnecessary risks of injury or damage to tenants, visitors or members of the public outside the building.  It is for landlords and property owners. Where do I get Property Owners Liability cover? As one of the few specialist Commercial & Landlord insurance brokers in the UK we are able to offer excellent rates on our Property Owners Liability cover.  If you would like a quote or immediate cover call us today [...]

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29 06, 2019

Property Insurance Specialists


Property Insurance Specialists What type of Property Insurance do I need? Property Insurance is an insurance required for everyone who owns a building whether it is your home or business and will offer cover for the cost of rebuilding if damaged by an insured peril such as Fire or Storm.  In addition property insurance policies will offer public liability insurance to protect you from compensation claims should anyone be injured on your premises. Can I claim my property insurance against my tax? You can claim property insurance against your income tax as it is an expense for your business.  Always make sure that you get a receipt when it comes to making a claim against your income tax. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance [...]

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12 04, 2017

Latest Property Insurance News, UK


News Round-up Stamp duty increases for buy-to-let and second properties From the 1st April 2016, landlords became subject to an extra 3% stamp duty land tax (SDLT) surcharge. The regulations also apply to anyone purchasing a property in addition to their main home, with: -An additional 3% SDLT for the first £125,000 -5% instead of 2% on the portion between £125,001 and £250,000 -8% on the amount above £250,001. Landlords and second property buyers can use Knight Frank’s stamp duty calculator to see how much they will be liable for. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many types of insurance HMO licencing For landlords of an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation), registration with your local authority is now obligatory. HMO landlords [...]

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