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Landlord Content Insurance

/Landlord Content Insurance

Protect the Family with Insurance

Protect the family with insurance In times of financial strain, it is often the case that people try to make savings where they can. From their shopping bill, from their commute to work to eating out in fancy restaurants. One place not to try and make a saving is [...]

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Landlord cover with public liability

Landlord Cover with Public Liability What is Landlord Cover? Landlord cover is insurance for landlord which includes insurance for Flood, Storm, Fire, Loss of Rent, Theft, malicious damage, accidental damage, to name a few. Most importantly it includes Landlord Liability Cover. Top tip when buying Landlords Insurance Make [...]

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Home Insurance Specialists in Northern Ireland

Home Insurance Specialists in Northern Ireland Property Insurance Centre have been trading as an independent broker in Northern Ireland since 1976 and due to the long established relationships and access to the major insurance underwriters in the UK we are able to give the best rates and cover in Northern Ireland. We [...]

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