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16 06, 2020

Second Home Insurance


Second Home Insurance Having a second home can be a fantastic place to spend your weekends or summer holidays. A second home is obviously different than a first home or main residence, and that is why you will require the correct Second Home Insurance policy to make sure you are covered against various risks. Property owners who have second homes can do a number of things: Rent out on a 6 month AST – Landlord Insurance Rent out for short terms period – also known as holiday letting Use it themselves as a weekend or holiday retreat – no letting If the second home is being used precisely as that – quite literally your own second home that only you will use (also known as a holiday home), there are some important things to consider. So, what are they? Well, if you are fortunate enough to own a second [...]

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16 05, 2020

Insurance for Flats


Insurance for Flats During these unprecedented times, money is tight! Probably more so than ever for many of us but that doesn't mean you should take lesser insurance for flats if you live in a block or are responsible for its management. With the prospect of redundancies on the horizon due to business cashflow problems, furloughed employees getting 80% of their usual wage, businesses being forced to shut up for good in many cases and the recent announcement of Chancellor Rishi Sunak that we may be entering a deep recession, many of us will be tempted to skimp on luxury items we once took for granted. Although ‘tightening your belt’ is no bad thing, there are things you should not skimp on. Just remember when things get bad, there is the potential for them to get a heck of a lot worse when the next storm or flood arrives [...]

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