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30 11, 2021

8 simple property insurance mistakes you don’t want to make


8 simple property insurance mistakes you don't want to make Homeowners who make errors when purchasing an insurance policy may have their claims denied, even if the errors are not their fault. Even mistakes made when purchasing a home insurance policy through price comparison websites are accounted for, even if they are not the customers' fault. The problem is that an insurer believes they were not informed of a "material fact" about a property. What constitutes a significant factor varies by insurer, but it is basically anything that would cause them to refuse to insure you. Here are a few examples that occur frequently: 1. The property's age If an insurer discovers that an edifice is more recent than it appears, the initial offer will be lowered because the house is regarded as less risky. If a claim is made, the insurer has the right to deny it if [...]

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13 02, 2020

17 property insurance loopholes you need to know about today


This expert guide walks you through the potential property insurance loopholes that insurers will exploit, to reduce their claims' exposure. As a property owner, you might be surprised by some of these potential pitfalls. By Robert Fisher Reading time: 6 minutes Version: USA Your insurance policy has been purchased and so you can rest easy, or can you? If you have purchased the correct policy with the right amount of cover, and added all the required information accurately, plus invested some time to check the finer points then should the worst happen, you will be fine. This is the principle of indemnity. If on the other hand, you get any of this wrong, your mistake could end up costing you hundreds of thousands to reinstate a building following a large loss. It is all in the finer details. This guide dives right into the loopholes and pitfalls you can encounter [...]

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28 06, 2019

What does Property Owners Liability Insurance Cover?


What does Property Owners Liability Insurance Cover? This is commonly used by Commercial and Residential landlords to give them liability cover against compensation claims from tenants and members of public who can make a claim against them if they are injured on their premises or damage is caused to surrounding properties. It covers any areas that are owned by you such as car parks, land as well as communal areas such as stairs, etc. This is normally insurance purchased by landlords and if you are a tenant or business owner who rents your premises from someone it is worth checking that your landlord has Property Owners Liability Insurance. What Can Property Insurance Centre do for Property Owners? Since 1976 Property Insurance Centre have provided excellent rates and cover for Commercial and Residential Property Owners. Not only can we provide protection with regards to public liability but also provide additional [...]

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3 08, 2016

What is Property Owners Liability Insurance?


Property Owners Liability - What is it? Essentially property owners’ liability insurance policy protects landlords and property owners for claims made against then in relation to their legal liability for personal injury or property damage suffered by third parties and arising from the policyholder’s ownership of the property. As a property owner you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your property is well maintained and does not present unnecessary risks of injury or property damage to either tenants, visitors to the premises or members of the public outside the building. What level of cover do I need for property owners liability insurance? Each policy has what is known as a limit of indemnity, i.e the maximum amount that will be paid out in the event of a claim occurring. The policy will also include legal costs associated with the defence of a claim, in some cases these are [...]

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