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9 02, 2021

Asylum seeker tenant insurance


Asylum seeker tenant insurance As a landlord, there may be occasions when you are offered asylum seekers as tenants while long term/permanent accommodation is sourced for them. Property Insurance Centre are now able to offer insurance cover specifically for that type of tenant. This will give you peace of mind knowing that all the essentials are covered such as buildings, contents and property owners liability. We can also offer accidental damage cover. Since 1976 Property Insurance Centre have offered specialist commercial insurance for landlords and business property owners. We have a dedicated new business team that offer the best advice and will ensure that you get the best cover for the best price available for Asylum Seeker tenant insurance. Call Claire, Robert or Gavin today on 0800 085 3761. Get a Quote Insurance under one roof We are specialists in many [...]

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29 10, 2019

Should I take out tenant’s liability insurance?


Should I take out tenant’s liability insurance? Have you just signed your tenancy agreement and are getting ready to move into your new property?  Maybe you have lived in a rented property for a while but you have never taken out any insurance cover?  Whether you are moving into a new flat or a house or you have been there for yours, if you haven’t already done so, you should really think about taking out tenants liability insurance.  Here’s a bit of information to help you with the decision. What is tenant’s liability insurance? When you rent a property your tenancy agreement normally comes with a list of things which are in the property such as fixtures and fittings and household items.  At the end of your tenancy agreement, and sometimes at intervals in between, your landlord or their agent will check that these things are still in the [...]

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27 06, 2017

New Tenancy Regulations Comes into Effect


New Tenancy Regulations Comes into Effect Section 21 notices are used to evict tenants at the end of their fixed term. Under the new regulations, landlords can no longer issue a Section 21 notice within the first four months of tenancy. And if a landlord has been issued a Relevant Notice by their local council regarding the condition of a property, they cannot then use a Section 21 notice for the next six months – this is in order to prevent retaliation evictions against tenants who have raised complaints. Mandatory Documents to Provide Under the new rules there are several documents that a landlord must provide to each tenant in their property: EPC energy efficiency certificate Gas safety certificate DCLG How to Rent Guide Failure to provide these documents at the start of each tenancy could render a Section 21 notice invalid, so it is important for landlords to [...]

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