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27 04, 2020

What is HMO Insurance?


What is HMO Insurance? HMO insurance is normally described as a landlord's property which is shared among a number of unrelated people. HMO is an acronym which stands for House in Multiple Occupation. HMO insurance provides the correct insurance. Some HMO properties will require a license – this will normally be the case where the HMO is 3 storeys high and when there are at least 2 different & distinct households & where there are at least 5 unrelated people living there. Landlords of this type of building will require HMO Insurance - Get a Quote For HMO Insurance  A license is obtained from the local authority and will be carefully inspected to ensure it meets the relevant safety standards, such as Gas Safety Smoke alarms Carbon monoxide alarms When a property is deemed to be an HMO and the very fact that licenses are sometimes required, can often [...]

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