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Unoccupied Commercial Property Insurance

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What Cover Does Empty Commercial Property Insurance Provide?

Insurers deem unoccupied properties to be a higher risk than a regular property and should have a specialised policy to reflect that. Unoccupied Commercial Buildings are more likely to attract unwanted visitors whether this be because it is an easy target to vandalise without getting caught or even because they are curious and unaware of the danger that they can pose. If properties are not checked thoroughly enough small damages could be missed and left to get worse and if there was a fire or flash flood it can take longer for someone to notice and alert the authorities.

No two properties are the same or are left unattended for the same reasons. Therefore we offer varying levels of cover to suit our individual clients needs. Typically, cover can be arranged for:

    • Protection against vandalism including graffiti
    • Cover for damage caused by flooding, fire or subsidence
    • Contents cover up to £20,000
    • Theft from secured garages and outbuildings up to £500
    • Property owners liability, if your conservatory roof blows off and damages your neighbours property for example

We have over 40 years experience working with:

Who Needs Vacant Commercial Property Insurance?

If you own a commercial building like a shop or warehouse, it’s important that you have the right insurance in place. If your building is left vacant for more than 30 days at a time, then a standard Commercial Buildings Insurance Policy will not be adequate and a specialist Unoccupied Commercial Buildings Insurance Policy will need to be taken out. This is because empty properties are seen to be at a higher risk of accidental damage, theft and vandalism than a occupied property would be.

Securing your Empty Property

When taking out Insurance for Unoccupied Commercial Property, Insurers may require you to secure your property over and above what you would regularly do. This can include locking all windows and doors with approved locks and having a burglar alarm fitted. Removing all valuables and tools from the building including petty cash you may leave in a safe. Leaving safes open and empty, turning off the mains and draining the water systems. Regular checks of the building should also take place.

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