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Insurance Brokers with access to Assessors

Insurance Brokers with access to Assessors

Mr Malik had internal water damage & damp in his office and reported the damage directly to his insurer. Mr Malik assumed the water damage was the result of a storm that occurred the previous evening, and that the storm has damaged his roof, and the water had penetrated the inside of his building directly from this.

The insurer appointed a Loss Adjuster to the claim, and as the claim estimate was under a certain value, the adjuster refused to visit the property & insisted that the damage was not caused by the storm as the wind speed was not high enough to cause that level of damage to the roof. The customer contacted Property Insurance Centre for help, and as his broker, we asked a team of loss assessors working on behalf on the insured (not the insurer) to visit the property and make a fair assessment as to what the cause was.

The Assessor visited the property irrespective of claim costs. After their investigation, it was discovered that the damage was in fact caused by a blocked drain. The blockage was caused by a fast food wrapper making its way in to the down pipe around the time of the storm. The Loss Assessor working for us, had established the claim could be attributed to ‘Accidental Damage’, and this was put to the insurer with the claim being settled promptly. Without the intervention of our Loss Assessors & their expertise in possible causes, Mr Malik would have been unable to prove his claim as the roof was at such a height which was simply inaccessible without spending a fortune to prove the correct cause.