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Hot Desk Insurance Provider UK

//Hot Desk Insurance Provider UK

Hot Desk Insurance Provider UK

With the growing demand for hot desking facilities around the UK we are delighted to offer specialist insurance for covering buildings and liabilities for landlords/business owners.

Hot Desking offices are becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes from sole traders to businesses who have staff all around the world and need a place to hold meetings or need a place to work from in a specific location that they do not have an office in

Hot desking is also becoming a place to network and collaborate with other business owners e.g. web designers working with graphic designers or accountants.

Running an office or building that is used for hot desking it requires a special type of commercial policy to cover the building and the liability of all the different people that are using the business.

Get the right cover and the best rates around today by contacting Claire, Robert or Gavin Freephone on 0800 085 3761.