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Home Insurance Brokers

When the annual renewal comes in on your home insurance, many people simply let their insurance roll over and stay with the same provider.  Others spend hours entering details on price comparison websites to see if they can find a better deal.  But did you know there is an easier way?  If you use a home insurance broker they spend their time making sure you get the best deal – but they also make sure you get the cover you need, and that is something people often miss when they are looking on price comparison sites.

If you have never heard of a home insurance broker, here is an explanation to help you understand why this is the easiest way to renew your home insurance each year.

What is a home insurance broker?

A home insurance broker works for you.  They talk to the insurance companies and find you the best deal for your insurance.  They take the time to talk to you about your home to ensure that you are covered for all the things you need to be.  Home insurance brokers are experts – so if you aren’t sure about your insurance and what you need to cover, it’s always best to talk to a broker rather than trying to do it yourself.

What levels of cover can I get on my home insurance?

With home insurance, the level and type of cover is as important as the price.  You need to check what the policy covers you for and most importantly what it doesn’t cover you for which is known as ‘exclusions’.  This is really important as you don’t want to find you are uninsured or underinsured after you need to make a claim.

Remember that there are two types of home insurance cover – cover for the building itself and cover for the things which are in the building – which is known as contents insurance.  It’s important to note that the cover you need for the building is not the market value of the house – it is how much it would cost to rebuild the house.  That figure needs to include the cost to rebuild all parts of the house including any extensions, conservatories etc. so make sure that if you do any extensions, you increase the value you are insuring in your property insurance.

If you live in an unusual building, such as a listed building or a building which is not built in a standard way it’s even more important to ensure you get specialist advice before taking out your home insurance policy.

Where do I get a home insurance quote from?

Sometimes your mortgage provider or bank will offer you home insurance.  You can also get a quote from online comparison sites – but be very careful that you get the cover you need as these sites don’t provide advice on what is covered – they just show you the basic elements that are covered and expect you to read the detail yourself to ensure you are covered.

The best place to get a home insurance quote is from a well-known home insurance broker such as Property Insurance Centre.  They are authorised and regulated by the FCA and have been trading since 1976 with offices in London and Northern Ireland.  They work with all the major underwriters such as AXA, Ageas, Allianz, RSA, Aviva & Lloyds and do the searching for you.  They spend the time both with you, to make sure they know what cover you need, and then with the underwriters to make sure they can get you the best deal.

Home insurance brokers like Property Insurance Company aren’t on comparison websites because they do this work for their customers and pass on the savings directly to you.

How much does home insurance cost?

Home insurance starts from around £150 per year.  The actual amount you will be quoted depends on lots of things, like the level of cover you want, whether you are also covering your contents, the size of your home, when it was built, where it is – so that’s why you need to give a lot of details to make sure you get the right cover.

You should also check how much the excess on the policy is.  Typically this will be £100 or more and sometimes offering to pay an increased excess will reduce your premium.

Whatever way you choose to get your property insurance – just remember that the detail is always important with insurance.  Take the time to read it before you sign up for your new policy.

To get a home insurance quote today or if you require immediate cover call our new business team today on 0800 085 3761.

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