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Empty House Insurance

//Empty House Insurance

Empty House Insurance

Empty House Insurance

Property Insurance Centre are one of the leading insurance providers for Unoccupied House Insurance in the UK & Northern Ireland.  Standard home insurance policies only cover your home if it is empty for no more than 30 consecutive days at a time.

What does unoccupied mean for home insurance?

Your home is considered empty or unoccupied if your property is empty for more than 30 days (a few insurance companies will go to 60 days) in which case your existing home insurance will reduce the types of cover that are offered.  There are lots of reasons that your home can become unoccupied, the most common is during renovations and it is important that you notify your insurance provider on what refurbishments are happening and an estimate on the cost of the works.  Your home might become unoccupied if you are admitted to hospital for a long time or you or a member of your family are taken into respite or a nursing home.  Your home may also become unoccupied while you are selling the property and have moved into a new one.  We have customers who use unoccupied home insurance for their holiday home during off peak months when the house is empty.

Can you insure an unoccupied house?

At Property Insurance Centre we have access to great unoccupied home policies which can include legal expenses and with our residential let plus scheme you may be able to get full peril cover for the first 90 days.  With access to major insurance underwriters you will be sure of getting the best cover available with your empty home.

How much does it cost to insure and unoccupied house?

Our Unoccupied House Insurance starts from as little as £120 and depends on many factors such as the rebuild value of your home, location, whether utilities have been disconnected, type of security used around the house, etc.  The price will also depend on the reason that it is empty.

What is the difference between vacant and unoccupied?

Vacant usually means that your home is completely empty of possessions and furniture where as unoccupied will mean that you have some furniture or possessions still in the property.  An example of this would be if your home is up for sale and you have moved into your new home and the previous one is empty.  Unoccupied would be if you have moved away to another country for work for a few months or were admitted to hospital for a long stay and all your furniture was still in the house.

Why Choose Property Insurance Centre?

At Property Insurance Centre we have over 40 years experience in providing Residential & Commercial Insurance for thousands of clients.  This experience gives us one of the best negotiating positions with the major underwriters.  If you are looking for Empty House Insurance give Claire, Robert or Gavin a call today on 0800 085 3761.

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