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Coffee Shop Insurance

//Coffee Shop Insurance

Coffee Shop Insurance

Coffee shop insurance

Not all coffee is the same – and as the owner or manager of a coffee shop, you know that not all coffee shops are the same either.  Whether you are a sole trader or one of a chain of multi-nationals, you still need insurance that meets your needs.  Property Insurance Centre specialises in providing support to a range of coffee shops, restaurants and takeaway providers so we know our business is to help support your business.  Customer service is key to us, so we aim to make purchasing your insurance as convenient as possible – but we also that you can’t afford to have the wrong insurance when you need it so we need to take the time to get things right.  Each one of our customers has a dedicated contact and you won’t have to go through a call centre to get them.  They will get to know you and your business and when you have any questions during your policy or you need to make any changes that will be the person you call to chat to.  So if you are ready to get started, here is a quick summary of the type of information we will need to help you take out your policy:

  • Location, location, location! Like when you were trying to work out where to open your business, location is also critical to your insurance, so have your full address ready.  We need to know what type of building you are working out of – is it your home, do you have a separate factory, do you share with other businesses or do you run other businesses out of the same location?  Do you own your premises – or do you rent?  We also need to know a bit about the shop itself – is there a sit in element, do you have a car park, do you have a shutters, what about security or alarms?
  • A bit about your business. We need to understand what makes you unique – so how many staff do you have, do you have volunteers, do you make your own food or buy it in, do you managing a lot of cash transactions and if so how do you take this to the bank?
  • What do you need to run your business? It might sound obvious – but do you rely on your building, key personnel, critical equipment or any specially designed fixtures and fittings?  If so you may want to take out extra cover for these important things, especially if you couldn’t last any period of time without them.
  • Do you keep any stock and how do you get supplies? Stock doesn’t have to be food and drink – it could also be the containers you use which may or may not be designed specifically for your company.  If you are known for a particular item it may be the elements you rely on to make that item.

Our friendly team at Property Insurance Centre are waiting for your call and we will take the time to get to know your business before providing you with a quotation to suit your needs.  So if you have the answers ready to our few prompts above, go on and give us a call on 0800 085 3761.

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